Natural News: Facebook Controlled by Vaccine Industry

Facebook sells out to the vaccine industry, which will now control all speech
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Horsetail Herb removes toxic aluminum from your body with silica
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Featured ArticlesHere’s what Big Pharma and the CDC acknowledge about the harmful side effects of vaccinesBy Tracey Watson | Read the full storyHappier and healthier: Curcumin-dense turmeric can help ease depression and anxiety, researchers find
By Isabelle Z. | 
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Why magnesium may be the single most important nutrient you need to take for heart health
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Pharma con job: Doctors are using Big Pharma-created “quiz” to diagnose people with mental illnesses (and put them on high-profit psych drugs)By Tracey Watson | 
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Sponsor: Protect your identity from high-tech thieves anytime, anywhere.Dems pushing CDC to fake “gun violence” science research just like the EPA fakes climate change researchBy JD Heyes | 
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Supercharge your nutrition with Health Ranger Select Organic Broccoli Sprout Powder (also available in capsules)Sulforaphane, glucorophanin, and glucosinolates can work wonders in your body. They promote healthy aging, support your heart and liver, help fight oxidation and even boost your mood and energy levels, so it makes sense to ensure you’re getting enough of them. Health Ranger Select Organic Broccoli Sprout Powder contains assured levels of these along with an array of vitamins, nutrients and fatty acids–all in an easy-to-use “supernutrient” powder.Learn More »More of Today’s ArticlesOvernight epidemic: New blood pressure guidelines affect more than 30 M Americans who suddenly have hypertension
Imagine going to sleep one night, perfectly healthy, and then waking up the next morning suffering from what is deemed to be clinical hypertension and needing prescription medication. That’s …Same Leftists who say vaccines promote the “greater good” now insist that abortion is a “moral good” for society
A rabid feminist and “Christian social ethicist” by the name of Rebecca Todd Peters recently hosted a lecture at Emory University in Georgia, where she tried to make the case that …Study reveals that pesticides are linked to an increased risk of heart disease
The dangers of exposure to pesticides – which include increased risk of cancer and other serious health problems – have been well documented in recent years. Now, another risk associated with …
Lead and cadmium can contaminate your beverages from microwave-heated ceramic cups, reveals study
You’ve gone out of your way to seek organic green tea from a trustworthy source, and the honey you stir into it has an impeccable pedigree. Now you can sit back, take a sip, and relax knowing …
Have you heard of pineapple guava? This little-known fruit may help prevent certain digestive problems, even beyond its anticancer and antibacterial properties
A study published inPhytotherapy Research has found that extracts from pineapple guava (Feijoa sellowiana) may prevent digestive problems caused by a deficiency in disaccharidase, as well as …
Omega-3s found to help those suffering from PTSD
PTSD, or post-traumatic stress disorder, is a mental health condition that often occurs after a person witnessed or experienced a terrifying event. People with PTSD often experience ..
.The 7 best dog breeds for survival and protection
Through the years, dogs have constantly proven why they deserve to be called “man’s best friend.” They’re affectionate, dependable, protective, and smart, making them the …
“Jexodus” movement growing as Jews are now fleeing the insane anti-Semitic Democratic Party, joining blacks with “Blexit”
Prior to the 2018 midterm elections, a movement among blacks to “exit” the Democratic Party — nicknamed “Blexit” — began as more and more began to realize that the Donkey Party had not done …
Apples and strawberries contain a natural compound called fisetin that can make your skin look younger
There is an easy and natural way to keep looking – and feeling– young, even as you age. Chow down on apples, strawberries, and other fruits that are loaded with the anti-aging molecule fisetin. …
Study concludes that the giant-leaved fig reduces oxidative stress in the liver
Thegiant-leaved fig (Ficus lutea) is usually known as a pretty ornamental tree or a very useful source of food and wood products. Now, an Egyptian animal study indicated that the leaves of the …
Gut bacteria compound may be a key component for fighting Type 2 diabetes
There is a force of nature residing within our bodies, a force that responds to threats, protects the blood, and assimilates vitamins from our food. We are in a relationship with this force. It …
Study: Following a choline-rich regimen may offer transgenerational protection against Alzheimer’s disease
Nutrients are like instructions, building our cells and telling them how to operate and communicate. These instructions strengthen our genetics, communicating vitality and disease prevention. The …
Herbal treatments for gallstones
You may never suspect the presence of a stone in your gallbladder right until the moment it causes you to double over with pain. Fortunately, there are many herbs that can prevent gallstones from …
What’s in a name? Learning the difference between black tea and green tea
Tea is more than an alternative drink for people who don’t like drinking coffee. According to research, both black and green tea offers various health benefits. Facts about black and green …
Cocoa butter is a creamy vegan alternative to regular butter
Cocoa butter is most commonly used for making chocolate. It is the fat extracted from cocoa beans. This means that it is vegan, making it much healthier than regular butter. Cocoa …
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