True Causes Of WW2

Using “educational comedy” and the collective power of the TomatoBubble following to reach new audiences and young people on You Tube.
Please help the YouTube video linked below — about the true causes of World War 2 –to get off to a strong start so that new people will see it. Here is how YOU can help: 1. Watch (or play) the video linked below from start to finish from at least one IP address. (Ideally, one from home and one from work or library).
2. “Like” / upvote the video.3. If not already a You Tube subscriber to the channel, hit the red subscribe button below the video and also click the little bell that should appear (for notifications of new videos).
4. Spread direct links to the video on all forms of social media, e-mails and blog posts.5. Fund ad campaigns for “The Invisible Critic” through these Patreon or GoFundMe links; or postal mail (also linked in comments below the YouTube video)THANKS!  CLICK HERE

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