Zionists Destroyed Agnew For Wanting Justice For Palestine

BOMBSHELL–Nixon’s VP Agnew–‘Zionists destroying me because they say I ‘cannot not be trusted to act properly in the Middle East’ if I become Presidentby TUT Editor

Agnew added ‘The Zionists in the United States knew that I would never agree to the continuance of the unfair and disastrous favoring of Israel and they had to get me out of office there so that I would not succeed Nixon.’

ed note–please take stock of the fact that there are no lawsuits targetting VP Mike Pence in the same way as took place against Agnew, because, as a devout Christian Zionist, Pence indeed ‘can be trusted to act properly in the Middle East’ in the event that either he is elected in 2020 or, as Judea, Inc clearly would like to see take place–succeeds Trump as a result of Trump resigning, being impeached, or else forcibly removed via the provisions of the 25th Amendment. Read more of this post

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