Bill Gates: The DIRT!

Beautiful and amazing human being,

Yep. It’s him again.

You wanna know what he’s up to now?

In the video above, I explain how Bill Gates is funding a company that you’ve probably never heard of that brags about being only second to the TSA in the number of people it has screened. 

This company is using AI to screen people for weapons in public places likes stadiums, schools, hospitals and entertainment venues. And its now checking your temperature also.

And now this company is going public.

So in today’s video I get into this track, trace and database control grid that none other than Bill Gates is involved in

As well as other technological developments like robo-waiters possibly replacing real waiters

And Klaus Schwab and the World Economic Forum talking about creating an artificial sun using UV light.

Plus I bring up how this is all connected to the depopulation agenda which of course Bill Gates is part of.


If you were wondering where I am right now…

I’m in Acapulco, Mexico where I’ll be giving a speech today at Anarchapulco. 

If your not here, you’ll be able to watch my speech hopefully by later today on my new site Luke Uncensored which you can join right now if you haven’t already.

Thx so much for all your support!

Comment: Can’t prove it yet but believe Bill Gates & Epstein have Pedophilia as a shared common interest cuz why else would they hang!?

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