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Slimes Caption: Prime Minister Viktor Orban of Hungary smiles at the end of his annual State of the Nation speech in Budapest.

 NY Times: Orban Encourages Mothers in Hungary to Have 4 or More BabiesBy PATRICK KINGSLEY 

REBUTTAL BYSnarky little British milennial libtard Patrick Kingsley specializes in covering “migration issues” for Sulzberger’s Slimes. In this article, he can barely conceal his sarcastic contempt for Hungarian Prime Minister Victor Orban’s initiatives designed to increase Hungary’s suicidally abysmal birth rate. Doe this snot-nosed little punk not realize that if his ancestors, both recent and distant, had adopted a similar disnmissive attitude toward the continuation of their family / racial lines, he would not be here to pen such crap?Hazmat suits and hip waders on, boys and girls. Let’s dive into this Marxist filth and see if we can clean it up a bit.  Orban wants more Hungarian children — Globalist Kingsley and his crowd think that’s “racist. ™”  Kingsley: Faced with a plummeting population, rising labor shortages and widespread emigration, Prime Minister Viktor Orban of Hungary has long taken an unconventional approach to increasing the size and productivity of Hungary’s work force. Rebuttal: “Unconventiuonal?” As in unusual? Unorthodox? Weird? How so?
Kingsley: He offered university scholarships only to those who promised to stay in Hungary.Rebuttal: Well… why should taxpayers subsidize a medical or engineering student who will then take the free or reduced-priced education he has acquired and abandon the very people who paid for it?Kinglsey: He gave citizenship to ethnic Hungarians living beyond the borders.Rebuttal: Israel has always done that, but no one denounces the Israeli government for being “far right” ™ and “racist”  like the Slimes does Orban.
Kingsley: And late last year, he increased the amount of overtime employers can demand of workers.Rebuttal: Most workers love overtime — especially with the standartd “time & a half” laws. These moves aren’t so much “unconventional” as they are common sense — which, one might say, is indeed “unconventional” these days.Kingsley: But on Sunday, Mr. Orban announced one of his most ambitious plans yet.Rebuttal: Here it comes….Kinglsey: Any Hungarian woman with four or more children will no longer pay income tax.Rebuttal: Dismisive libtard wisecrack coming in 3… 2… 1….
Kingsley: Anything to avoid immigration.Rebuttal: There it is! Marxist-Libtard obsession with “diversity”  on the one hand, coupled with contempt for babies, especially White ones, on the other. It’s a “two-fer.”
  1. A small land-locked nation of less than 10,000,000 people — but with a rich culture and heritage that can only be preserved and passed on by bloodlines. // 2. Beautiful Budapest — one of the great cities of our European Motherland. // 3. The Hungarian Orban battles against the dark forces of the “Hungarian” (cough cough) Soros. Kingsley (quoting Orban): “We are living in times when fewer and fewer children are being born throughout Europe. People in the West are responding to this with immigration. Hungarians see this in a different light. We do not need numbers, but Hungarian children.” Rebuttal: Tell it, Mr. Orban. Tell it!
 Kingsley: But Mr. Orban, a far-right leader, … Rebuttal:  “Far right”  — ooooh, sounds so scaaaary!
 Kinglsey: … has said he does not want the color of Hungarians to be “mixed with those of others.” Rebuttal: In other words. he doesn’t want his folk to disappear from the face of the earth.
 Kingsley: He led European opposition to refugees during the 2015 migration crisis and has boxed himself into a rhetorical corner that now makes it difficult to change direction. Rebuttal: Notice how  Kingsley frames the matter. It couldn’t possibly be that Orban is sincere in his concern for the survival of his people. No, it’s all about being “boxed in.”
 Kinglsey then trots out a trio of like-minded and cherry-picked experts / academics in opposition to Orban: Kinglsey: “Hungary is facing similar structural challenges as other neighbors,” said Milan Nič, an expert on central and Eastern Europe at the German Council on Foreign Relations. “But in Hungary, the government’s policy choices are more limited by its nationalist ideology.”Rebuttal: The “German Council on Foreign Relations?!” (didn’t even know they had a branch!) Your Honor! We motion to dismiss this witness as an anti-white Globalist.
Kingsley: The measures constitute “a regulation of women’s bodies,” said Andrea Peto, a gender studies professor at the Central European University, a college in Budapest. “Their bodies are being used as a resource for national development.”Rebuttal:  Central European University?! (George Soros’ wholly-owned college). Your Honor! We motion to dismiss this witness as an anti-white Globalist.Kingsley: Like Hungary, France introduced financial incentives in 2005, but since then its birthrate has remained at around 1.9 children per woman, said Sarah Harper, a demography professor at Oxford University. And it might even have been lower without the influx of immigrants, whose birthrates are typically higher than native-born residents.Rebuttal: Oxford?! Home of the infamous Rhodes Scholarship program?! Your Honor! We motion to dismiss this witness as an anti-white Globalist. *** End of Rebuttal***     1. Soros owns Central European University — from which one of Kingsley’s experts was drawn. // 2. The CFR has branches all across Europe now –from one of which, in Berlin, Kingsley obtained another “expert opinion.” // 3. Kingsley’s other expert was drawn from the scum at Globalist Oxford — who are also anti-Orban. As for the specifics of Orban’s program for increasing the birth rate, “The Editorial Board” of The Anti-New York Times is of “two minds.” On the one hand, any effort to increase birth rates is a positive step away from extinction. Where this plan appears to be deficient (and the deficiency may just be a short-term necessity) is that it seems soley focused on making it “easier” for working mothers to juggle both family and work. What does it prosper the children to be born and then housed in better subsidized day-care centers and kindergartnens? The ultimate goal should be to keep the new moms at home to raise their offspring and keep their hard-working husbands happy.
 That’s exactly what The Great One achieved during the 1930’s, and he did it with a combination of similar tax incentives and a change in cultural attitudes. Women began leaving the work force and found their true purpose and happiness as a result. But the idea of truly liberating young women from the global tax & debt slave plantation has got the Oxford professorette worried:

Professor Harper: “There needs to be a package that enables women to take time off work, to return to work, and to combine work with child care, and to give similar support for fathers as well as mothers. Otherwise the most likely thing is that they will withdraw from the labor market.”Women “withdrawing from the labor market” — oh the horror!    Only more babies can save Western Civilization.   

*  Boobus Americanus 1: I read in the New York Times today that the far right leader of Hungary wants women to have four babies.
 Boobus Americanus 2: It’s amazing how in this day and age, powerful men still want to keep women barefoot and pregnant.

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