TOP STORYIs This The Craziest Gilets Jaunes Yellow Vest Protest Yet? From gas to actual flesh everything from week 13 of the Paris protests is brought to you in stunning high definition.Media Blackout Continues After 13 Weeks!Where is the media? Seriously, we are now 13 weeks deep in a massive movement that has garnered thousands of participants every week in one of the most famous cities in the world Paris France, and it’s crickets from the mainstream. Plenty of time to talk about Cardi B and Roger Stone but not even so much as a travel warning for those that think they are traveling to what they assume will be the most amazing and romantic experience of their lives. Instead, they are likely to be amongst thousands of protesters that have had enough of an unaccountable establishment who continues to attempt to tighten their grip on the general public through unfair policy and taxes.As I took to the streets with fellow independent journalists Ford Fischer and Emily Molli there was an early calm that I had not experienced before, however as the scheduled march began things escalated quickly. As in previous weeks, the makeup of the protestors was extremely diverse, and as in previous weeks, it did not take long for the police to begin deploying heavy-handed tactics. Gas was deployed just like in previous weeks but the most alarming moment of the day is when we came across raw human flesh that had been the result of one of the protesters. When this type of thing happens just feet away from you it’s hard not question why you are risking your life in the first place.Then you realize YOU HAVE TO! The mainstream media in France has so misrepresented the media when I was briefly accused of being one of them I had to point my makeshift sign that clearly stated I was an independent American journalist unaffiliated with any of the propaganda machines they hate so much. The mainstream media in America has flat out ignored it week in and week out, likely fearing that if a movement like this broke out in the United States where all sides of the political spectrum worked together to usurp our ruling class, and succeeded, well the majority would likely be out of a job.

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