The Truth About Our Religions



There were multiple conjunctions of planets and stars around the birth of Jesus, whose story has been used by the luciferians, through the years, to enslave the gullible.


Just as savages will think a monster has eaten the moon during a lunar eclipse, superstitious people attribute mystical significance to astronomical events.


Saturn, Jupiter, Venus, and Regulus aligned, repeatedly, over a five-year period, during the infancy of the fake messiah, so they had a far brighter appearance.


Any one of these planetary conjunctions could have been the Christmas Star seen by the Zoroastrian Magi, who were luciferian priests, as their capital of Babylon, like Egypt, formed a source of the Abrahamic Religions.


Any one of these planetary conjunctions could have been used to manipulate religious fools, as the luciferians put out the story of the fake messiah, and the Magi worshipped Mithras.


It’s like the way an astronomer could use the scientific prediction of a lunar eclipse to bamboozle primitives.


Science and technology look like magic, or religion, to the ignorant.


The luciferians who lie at the heart of the false religions fool each other, as they believe in star magic, manipulate world events, and just plain tell lies—all to do with magic days and lucky numbers.


It is not an accident that the Birth of Jesus is celebrated on the Feast of Mithras, a Zoroastrian God, worshipped by the homosexual criminals in the Roman Army, as it fell on a day that was incorrectly calculated as one of the eight luciferian sabbats, the Winter Solstice, ascribed to December 25th, because the imbeciles messed up the math by a two to four day period.


Nor is it an accident that, as foolish evangelicals continue to be manipulated by the satanists they oppose, Rick Larson put out his film, The Star of Bethlehem, in which he links the Birth of the False Christ to a Planetary Conjunction, placing the event on September Eleventh.


Nor is it an accident that, when Wikipedia dates its sources on this film, they are both marked with a satanic date associated with trickery.


April Fools!


The luciferians, whose name means light-bringers, ascribe magical significance to the Seven Sisters, or the Pleiades, while the Air Force is run by a group called Orion.


They didn’t just put the Birth of Jesus on the Sabbat of Yule, or Longest Night, later ascribing it to September Eleventh, but they arranged American Independence Day to coincide with the date of the supernova that formed the Crab Nebula, while the largest battle of the American Revolution was fought on September Eleventh.


Meanwhile, NASA works, through PROJECT BLUE BEAM, to shine religious images into the sky, to encourage belief in aliens, and to script the coming war to the Book of Revelations, while they create fake bible signs.


Once you get to know the luciferian conspirators, their moves are easy to spot.


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