Election in Canada is All About Vaccines and Vaccine Passports; Enraged Canadians Boo Trudeau & Force Him to Flee His Own Rally

Comment: Pictured is who Trudeau Really Does Represent: The “jewish” or more accurately the Khazarian Mafa aka the British Empire.

Anti-Lockdown Protesters Force Trudeau to Flee Rally

By infostormer -August 28, 20211

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau was forced to flee a political rally after he was confronted by an angry group of people over his virus hoaxing, forced vaxx and pro-lockdown agenda.

Much to the dismay of John Ivison who seems to be a major faggot, children were even calling Trudeau a “fucking asshole.”

The abuse Trudeau received is just a small fraction of what he deserves. He has used a hoax pandemic to brutally repress the Canadian people with lockdowns, forced vaxxing and other weird agendas that have destroyed people’s lives.

He’s falsely claiming that mandatory vaxxing is the only way that everyone can be healthy.https:

He says this while it is an admitted fact that the vaxx is ineffective and does not work. In fact, there is a good chance the vaxx will kill you or make you very sick.

Worse yet is that when asked about the protesters, he said that “it’s not who we are.”

How many times have we heard this retarded slogan? It is just meaningless tripe that means nothing.

In reality, the people protesting him and the children who were calling him a “fucking asshole” are exactly who Canada is. They are rightfully angry at these insane policies that have been pushed on them.

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