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Facebook to censor all posts that question vaccine safety
Following the Pinterest banning of all content about vaccines, Facebook has announced a plot to censor all posts that question vaccine safety.No person shall be allowed to discuss anything about toxic vaccine ingredients, vaccine damage of children or the massive pharmaceutical fraud being pushed by the CDC and the FDA.See the full story here.P.S. They aren’t stopping with just this one topic. We’ve now learned that a push has begun for all tech giants to censor content on nutrition and anti-cancer foods. Full details will be posted on NN next week. Censorship will be ramped up until the only health ideas you’re allowed to utter are the “official” positions that promote chemotherapy, vaccines, fluoride, GMOs and Big Pharma’s toxic drugs.New Videos from BrighteonVaccines are biological weapons against humanityWatch this videoTop 8 Health Benefits of TurmericWatch this videoPesticides Removal: Washing Spinach with Antioxidant Hydrogen Water 11.5 pH (Kangen)Watch this videoFeatured ArticlesInsecticide exposure can increase the likelihood of children getting cancer by 50 percentBy Isabelle Z. | Read the full storyAustralian official: Climate change is a U.N.-led conspiracy to establish a new world orderBy Vicki Batts | Read the full storySponsor: Protect your identity from high-tech thieves anytime, anywhere.Democrats block vote that would stop infanticide and the coordinated medical murder of children born aliveBy Ethan Huff | Read the full storyRadical Left at war with human biology: French schools replace “Mother” and “Father” with “Parent 1” and “Parent 2″… total idiocy now reigns supremeBy Ethan Huff | Read the full storySponsor: Organic, lab-verified storable food supply made completely without junk ingredients or GMOs.Danger: Your toxic sunscreen could be causing skin cancer; here’s what to look forBy Tracey Watson | Read the full storySponsor: Reap the benefits of two nutritional powerhouses with this Pure Microalgae Superfood BlendOrganic Freeze-Dried Yellow and Red Miso: The Ultimate Fermented SuperfoodTaste and nutrition come together in perfect synergy with Health Ranger Select Freeze-Dried Organic Yellow and Red Miso powders. Made with organic, non-GMO fermented soybeans and rice, our high-quality miso powder is the perfect food companion to support healthy digestion and immune system function. It comes in a convenient freeze-dried powder form that you can mix with water to make your own miso soup in seconds. Like all Health Ranger products, our Freeze-Dried Organic Yellow and Red Miso are non-China, certified Kosher, and organic, and have been lab-tested for glyphosate, heavy metals, microbiology and more.Learn More »More of Today’s ArticlesResearchers are stunned at the tremendous anticancer potential of turmeric
Turmeric has proven itself to be an outstanding candidate for the treatment of cancer. In a study by researchers fromGuangdong Medical University and the University of Macau in China, this …It begins: CNN blames Trump for Jussie Smollett’s fake hate crime hoax (just as we predicted)
Racism is an abomination and hating someone so badly that you seek to harm them solely on the basis of their skin color cannot ever become tolerable or acceptable. That is especially true in …Neil deGrasse Tyson’s Nat Geo show “StarTalk” shelved over allegations of  assault against multiple women
Celebrity pop-astrophysicist Neil deGrasse Tyson is watching his career swirl the toilet following numerous allegations from four different women who say he assaulted them. Tyson’s …Cancer largely caused by processed food and toxic ingredients, new study confirms
To what extent is cancer a lifestyle disease? Researchers from the University of Calgary over in Canada set to find out exactly that in a recent research that was conducted with data from the …Shocking list of college course names reveals truth of how liberal universities have devolved into lunatic left-wing propaganda indoctrination camps
The identity politics and victim mentality of the left continues to grow because liberal universities are literally indoctrinating students with self-limiting belief systems on issues of race, …Better than drugs: Integrative approaches to treating depression
Clinical depression is not something you see, in the same way you acknowledge a bruise or scar. The mental illness, which affects nearly 16.1 million Americans today, is still highly …Solving the opioid epidemic naturally: Acupuncture is a safe and effective way to manage pain
America’s opioid epidemic has now become so bad that doctors and patients alike are starting to look more seriously into alternative medicine. As it turns out, there isone promising …Vitamin D supplementation can reduce Beck Depression Inventory scores in patients with ulcerative colitis
A studypublished in the Journal of Dietary Supplements highlights the positive effect of vitamin D supplementation on the Beck Depression Inventory (BDI) scores of people with ulcerative …Immunotherapy for cancer patients is impaired by antibiotic use, new study finds
The misuse of antibiotic medicine leading to antibiotic resistance in diseases that they are supposed to help cure has long been understood. New research now shows that taking antibiotics can …The cost of looking good: Experts warn cosmetic testers carry disease
It’s not unusual for someone to try out a product first before heading to the cashier to pay for it, especially if there’s a tester for the item. However, would you still consider …High-dose vitamin C can treat dengue fever and Zika virus
Nutritional therapies are simple low-cost methods of interrupting the transmission of various viral infections, as well as reducing one’s susceptibility to these diseases. Of particular note is …Nanotechnology breakthrough helps diabetics track their blood sugar levels
Patients with Type 1 diabetescan thank Oregon-based researchers for developing a wearable medical device that works like an artificial pancreas. 3D printed instead of built, its nano sensors …How to grow a fresh supply of chives
Chives are easily one of the most recognized herbs in the kitchen thanks to its versatility and flavor. This perennial herb of the onion family is a cool-season, cold-tolerant plant that is …A beginner’s guide to growing grains in your own backyard
Grains are a staple food that are excellent sources of nutrients, including carbohydrates, vitamins, minerals and fibers. You can always buy your own supply of grain, but you can never truly know …Achieving longevity requires balance: Scientists have discovered how human cells age
Scientists now believe they have found the ever-elusive “fountain of youth” — but not in some mystical outside source but in our actual bodies. Just this month, scientists at the …New study confirms: Processed carbs cause many harmful effects on health
A study that was published in the Obesity issue of the American Association for Clinical Chemistry’s journal, Clinical Chemistry, showed that people face higher risks of becoming obese if …Is warm water more beneficial to your health than cold water?
A glass of cold water is a refreshing drink, especially after a long and hot day. But did you know that drinking warm water offers more health benefits? Tips for drinking warm water People who …New biological batteries use energy inspired by electric eels, could be used on next-gen robots, bio-implants
Battery technology is constantly improving, despite there being only fair coverage about it on the news. Unless you’re specifically looking for what’s new in the world of rechargeable …If you want to spur those creative juices then spend more time by yourself: Study
The key to better mental health and more creativity is to spend time all by yourself, according to a recently published study. While looking for solitude can lead some to believe there is an …
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