Baltimore Sun’s Obituary Got LaRouche ALL Wrong

Sun’s LaRouche obituary got him all wrong

In this Feb. 3, 1994, file photo, Lyndon LaRouche gestures during a news conference in Arlington, Va. (Joe Marquette / Associated Press)

The cartoonish caricature of Lyndon LaRouche presented in the Washington Post obituary The Sun reprinted (“Perennial presidential candidate Lyndon LaRouche dead at 96,” Feb. 18) bore zero resemblance to the actual man with whom I have been proudly associated for nearly 59 years. But rather than undertake the tedious task of refuting each lie, whopper by whopper, I deem it far better to contrast the real LaRouche with the bogeyman depicted for the edification of credulous children in your newspaper.

The nub of the matter is quite simple. LaRouche designed and aggressively promoted a massive overhaul of the international financial system that entailed the use of Hamiltonian credit mechanisms, like National Banks, to redirect literally trillions of dollars of speculative capital into hard infrastructure and science driver projects that would sharply uplift both rich and poor countries alike. But of necessity, this would also mean writing off, canceling, huge sums of fictitious financial paper held by the most powerful families in the Western world.ADVERTISING

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These entrenched elites reacted to this perceived mortal threat to their political power in a manner strikingly similar to the antebellum Slavocracy’s outrage at the prospect of an Abraham Lincoln presidency. Multiple varieties of threats, physical and otherwise, slanders, and tons of manufactured hysteria had to be deployed, using paid, reliable assets in the journalistic and political classes, to neutralize the dangerous upstart. In LaRouche’s case, the hysteria of his adversaries grew in direct proportion to the increasing acceptance of his ideas worldwide.

Even as that process was barely beginning, in November 1973, a document obtained through the Freedom of Information Act shows the New York branch of the FBI matter-of-factly proposing to activate longstanding bureau assets in the Communist Party USA so as to “facilitate the elimination of the subject” (their exact words), referring to LaRouche. And it must be stressed: there is no need for connecting dots or reading between the lines. It’s spelled out in black and white.

Then, the following developments rapidly accelerated the desperation of the financial powers that be to “eliminate” LaRouche and his ideas. First, at the UN Development Conference of 1976 in Sri Lanka, a coalition of underdeveloped nations’ representatives, led by then-Guyanese Foreign Minister (and later LaRouche associate) Frederic Wills, publicly demanded a moratorium on their foreign debts, exactly as LaRouche had proposed. What gall to put feeding their children ahead of meeting the repayment schedules on usurious loans! By the early ‘80s, LaRouche had conducted a series of highly successful meetings with Mexican President Jose Lopez Portillo and Indian Prime Minister Indira Gandhi, mapping out strategies for their nations to buck the policies of the International Monetary Fund in order to industrialize. The City of London and Wall Street were not amused.

The final straw for these enraged financiers was LaRouche’s astonishing success of 1982-83 in recruiting President Ronald Reagan to his design for an anti-ballistic missile system based on speed-of-light technologies, otherwise known as the Strategic Defense Initiative, or “Star Wars” to its snide detractors. By eliminating the nuclear balance of terror with defensive systems that kill missiles, not people, the LaRouche-Reagan policy was rudely undercutting a key prop in the postwar globalist order — a huge step toward enduring peace, but not exactly the way to win friends in high places.

It was then that the “Get LaRouche” Task Force was assembled, charged with removing him by legal or other means. Spending the better part of a decade, and untold millions of dollars, this crew, prominently including (surprise!) current Russiagate Special Counsel Robert Mueller, fell flat on its face in its first attempt to frame up their target, when the truth accidentally popped out, and a mistrial was hastily declared. But they took much better care to rig a second trial, using methods that former U.S. Attorney General Ramsey Clark called the most systemic perversion of the justice system he had ever come across. (Due to these considerations, Clark subsequently joined LaRouche’s defense team, despite definite political differences between the two men.)

Yet even today, a now-deceased LaRouche continues to haunt his adversaries. China’s Belt and Road Initiative, the largest construction project in the history of humanity, is in reality a fast train upon which America can jump, on the way to reclaiming its scientific and industrial prowess. It does, however, threaten the zero-sum geopolitical schemes of the permanent warfare crowd, who have greeted its emergence with the most shrill shrieking and howling. As to its authorship, several Chinese spokespersons have been quite explicit and public: it is the direct outgrowth of work begun in the ‘80s and thenceforth by Lyndon and Helga (“The Silk Road Lady”) LaRouche!

That, in very abbreviated form, is the actual LaRouche story. As to the warmed over garbage rehashed by Timothy Smith, the experience of a former member of the Jordanian parliament, one Laith Shuebelliat, is highly instructive. Up to the early ‘90s, he had never had any direct encounter with LaRouche, but had read numerous second-hand accounts of his political movement in the mainstream press. Picking up a LaRouche pamphlet, he confessed that he expected to find a bigot, a crank, or worse, lurking within its pages. Instead, to his astonishment, he discovered the most profound and inspirational thoughts on history, political economy, etc, leading him to characterize LaRouche as not the Ugly, but rather the Lovely American.

Take the same test yourself. Go to LaRouche’s website(s), read his voluminous output of writings, and compare what you see to the vile effluvia emanating from his terrified opponents. Then ask yourself the more fundamental question: Why, even in his moment of death, does this man strike such fear and loathing among his powerful enemies? Congratulations! You’re now on the road to recovery from Media Derangement Syndrome.

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