The Statue That Came Alive; Witchcraft is Dangerous!

The Statue that came Alive!

A True Story!

Why Harry Potter & Witchcraft is So Dangerous

by Stephanie Relfe

Let me give you some of my background so you can better understand these stories.

I am a devout EX-catholic who does my best to get close to God. I became interested in what some may call New Age for want of a better word, although there were many aspects of this that I never got into – like channelling etc. But I did like telepathy, learning to meditate etc. Then I met and married my husband Michael. We both had spent a lot of time learning a lot about conspiracies and all kinds of alternative, hidden knowledge. But he knew somethings I didn’t.

He had become a Christian, and I learned some things from this.One of the things that I had studied was the work of L. Ron Hubbard. I never joined his organization, but I did learn from people who had been in it. You might not think that scientology and Christianity had much in common but they do agree on one thing – A person who gains ‘power’ through witchcraft does not increase in their OWN spiritual power. With both ‘white’ and ‘black’ magic, people get their power from spiritual entities, the larger ones of which are called demons.

These demons are real spirits with real names.And believe me, this power is real. One story may suffice to demonstrate just how real this power is. Several years ago I was at the Global Sciences Congress in Florida March 1999. The editor of Nexus Magazine, Duncan Roads, was one of the speakers. During the question and answer period someone asked Duncan what stories he WOULDN’T publish.

For illustration of what he wouldn’t publish, he told a story which he said was true. I trust I have this story correct, but bear with me if it’s not totally accurate, as I did not write it down at the time. Duncan had been told of an event that happened to a man in England. This man had worked for British intelligence. In other words, as an intelligent agent he had been around, he had put his life on the line and had seen many things that ordinary people don’t. He can hardly be called a wimp.

This man was invited to a party in England. It was held at a huge, old mansion. Many very, very powerful, wealthy and influential people were there. As you may imagine, the party became fairly wild. But around 11.30 pm nearly all of the guests were asked to leave.

Duncan’s contact was having too good a time to do this, so because the work he was involved in made him used to doing secretive things, he decided to hide in some bushes and see what happened next.He saw twelve men, who were all VERY powerful & influential men in the world, gather out the front of the mansion. The twelve men formed a circle or a half circle (I forget which) around a large stone statue.

At midnight, the statue started to come to life!

Duncan’s contact nearly had a heart attack, and took off.

I heard this story again in Sydney at the Nexus Conference in May 2000. I thought this story was so important that, after warning Duncan I would be doing so, I asked Duncan during the public question and answer period the same question about what he wouldn’t publish. The story was the same. Except that there seemed to be some disagreement between Duncan and another man in the audience who also knew the story from the Englishman, as to whether the statue was of a man or a goat.

Also, the audience was startled when, this time, Duncan mentioned that author Stephen King was one of the twelve men who remained.

Immediately after I asked Duncan the story, I felt an incredible pain in my belly. Very unusual for me. I felt as though I had been kicked in the stomach by a goat! After Duncan’s talk, a friend and I decided that both stories were true. We felt the statue was of Pan, who is half human and half goat.

I think Pan was angry at me for bringing this story out in the open, hence the kick to my stomach. Duncan’s talk was video taped bboth times, so if you want to check this out see the videos from

So, the power of demons is real. And the ‘bad guys’ up the top know this.

There is danger in all kinds of witchcraft. Using and being connected to demons is giving your power away.

Let me give another story on the danger of giving your power away. At the same Global Sciences Congress I listened to a talk given by a man who claimed to have been visited by an ‘angel’. He said that this angel had turned up when his son was terminally ill, and offered to save the son. The man agreed. And the son was healed.

I didn’t care for this man’s talk, because of the unclear way that he communicated. I have noticed that many people who “channel” information often speak in the same unclear way. It is very hard to work out just what it is they are saying. I believe this is because most of the time these people are not really channelling who they think they are channelling. They are channelling demons who pretend to be some one else, for example, an “ascended master”. I believe advanced souls like John the Baptist want people to grow in their OWN power and connection with God. They aren’t interested in taking over bodies and doing all the work for the person.

Later, I was talking with a young man and a young woman who had spent time with the speaker. They said that later on, after the son was saved, the man started to have some kind of trouble with the ‘angel’. Eventually the angel said something along the lines of :

“Well, we saved your son for you. Now you are ours!”.

Some angel! I imagine this was really a “fallen angel”or a reptilian – or are they the same thing?The purpose of telling that story is to illustrate that there is no such thing as a free lunch except when the power you get is directly from God.

And now we come to the Harry Potter books. There is a very, very real danger in reading these books.Harry Potter is teaching children to like witchcraft. Harry Potter is one way the dark forces are deliberately trying to corrupt our society. They are putting demons on children to turn them away from God.

Do you know why nearly everyone loves animals? Animals don’t have any entities or demons like people do. They’re pure. So are children. But Harry Potter will help to see they don’t grow up to be pure. Because Harry Potter is training children to like witchcraft. Just have a look at the incredible distribution Harry Potter gets, next time you are in a bookstore and even the supermarket. If you know anything about getting a book promoted and distributed, you may realise that it looks like somebody in Power wants this book and these products to get out there.

Here’s a quote I got from”Children may have to wait weeks before they get the chance to see the new Harry Potter movie – because adults are gobbling up all the tickets. Companies are buying up thousands of tickets for corporate hospitality events in London”. What is in this kids movie that they are so keen for people to go to it??? If you see the promos for the movie, ask yourself if the energy of this movie is light or dark? Why does a movie for children have to be SO LONG (2 hours, 32 minutes)? It’s so they can program people.

For more information on all of this, I highly recommend Bill Schnoebelen’s videos – “Masonry beyond the light” and “Exposing the Illuminati from within”. There is information in these videos not seen on any conspiracy site anywhere. Bill Schnoebelen lived on the dark side – he was a 90 degree Mason, a member of the Illuminati, a Satanic Priest, a Catholic Priest and more. Then one day his monthly tithe check to the church of satan came back from the bank with a note on the back – “I’ll be praying for you in Jesus’ name”.

Within a week he lost his demonic power. Later he opened his heart to Jesus and he has been working for God ever since. In his presentations, he explains as no one else can, how our society is being corrupted by hidden evil in the highest places.For example, he gives details on the various oaths that masons take to protect each other even when they have committed murder or treason! These videos are a must for anyone who has any connection to a Mason or for anyone who wants to make a positive difference to society. To buy the videos, go to and go to the “Masonry” and “World Events” sections.

There is a spiritual war going on right now. The dark side is using some pretty deceptive tricks to win us over and especially to win over our children. The key to being safe in this war is “discernment” and your personal connection with God.

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My Comment: Very, very, very likely the wealthy old mansion was a ROTHSCHILD MANSION. They are Synagogue of Satan ZIONISTS as are the Publishing Houses pretty much all owned &/or Controlled by ZIONISTS which is why all these black magic books are pushed on us all. I also do not agree with this writer’s generalization that animals don’t have demons in them…..many do not…but animals can be possessed as humans can be. Think of the pit bull in Louisiana which attacked a two year old watching TV and killed the child. This is a possessed animal. Even the Bible mentions Jesus casting the demons out of a man and they were allowed to possess swine that jumped into the sea.

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