Mainstream Media Now Warns Against Glyphosate TEN Years After Natural News Warned You

Glyphosate warnings go mainstream, 10 years after we warned you firstWe started warning our readers about the cancer-causing effects of glyphosate herbicide over a decade ago. Now the warnings have gone mainstream.Glyphosate causes cancer. It strips trace minerals out of your body. And it’s found throughout the food supply, including in many non-gluten products.See my new video report here.Read to stay informed with frequent updates.New Videos from BrighteonThe Real Reason for Cannabis Legalization (A Perspective That Needs to be Heard)Watch this videoTop 7 Cancer-Fighting HerbsWatch this videoAlex Jones To Release The Secrets of Bird BoxWatch this videoFeatured ArticlesNYT editorial argues that extinction of the human race would be good for planet EarthBy Vicki Batts | Read the full storyAnalysis: Google is the enemy of humanity and must be destroyed, or human freedom dies foreverBy Ethan Huff | Read the full storySponsor: Reap the benefits of two nutritional powerhouses with this Pure Microalgae Superfood BlendOrwellian: How Apple and Google obliterated the First Amendment with the mobile webBy Ethan Huff | Read the full storyNBC declares no debate allowed on climate change, claiming “science is settled” while absurdly asserting that carbon dioxide is a “pollutant”By Ethan Huff | Read the full storySponsor: Leading cardiologist reveals the digestive trick to clean your bowels. Find out how.Top 3 foods you’ll be surprised to find out are infused with artificial colors to boost salesBy S.D. Wells | Read the full storySponsor: Organic, lab-verified storable food supply made completely without junk ingredients or GMOs.Explore lab-verified Essential Oils Gift Sets from the Health RangerHealth Ranger Select 100 percent Organic Essential Oils offer the world’s most soothing natural treasures to ease your mind and help soothe daily stress. All lab-verified, naturally sourced and trusted by fans and customers.Learn More »More of Today’s ArticlesIs it time for America to have a Clean Soil Act?
Corruption within the United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is now so prolific that many are calling for new legislation in the form of a “Clean Soil Act” to address the …Exposed: “Russian bots” used to “meddle” in the 2016 election were actually part of a #NeverTrump alliance of neocons, Democrats
In the aftermath of Hillary Clinton’s loss to Donald Trump in November 2016, Americans were treated to waves of stories making claims that Russia was responsible for the president’s victory and …Planned abortion-hood? First order of business for the Democrat-led House of Representatives was funding the mass murder of unborn babies 
There’s no other realistic term for what Nancy Pelosi is attempting to sneak into the new spending bill, the Consolidated Appropriations Act of 2019, than “Worldwide Depopulation.” …Alzheimer’s hits more than just the memory; patients experience immune system dysfunction as well
Researchers have discovered that there is a link between inflammation biomarkers in both plasma and cerebrospinal fluid and markers of Alzheimer’s disease-associated pathology. This means …The road to a healthier heart: Study suggests using TCM to repair mitochondrial dysfunction
Ischemic heart disease, which is also called coronary heart disease, is the most prevalent and the deadliest heart problem in the U.S. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention …Acetic acid found in apple cider vinegar can help prevent obesity
Obesity is a growing health problem around the world. It is further aggravated by the increasing amounts of fats present in modern regimen. Consuming apple cider vinegar could help prevent the …Birth control pills found to increase the likelihood of ischemic stroke in women
According to findings from a 2018 review, women who take birth control pills are at higher risk of developing ischemic stroke. The review, which was conducted by researchers from the Loyola …Researchers find you can manage your cholesterol levels with ginger and rosemary oil
The heart is a strong organ that can withstand a lot of stress, but it is not invincible. Factors such as high cholesterol levels pose a big problem for heart health since it can affect …Could nutritional deficiencies be the cause of your depression?
Mental health problems, especially depression, are becoming increasingly prevalent. Fortunately, the numerous efforts that scientists have exerted to determine the root of these problems are …Alleviating the pain of lumbar disk herniation with acupuncture
There have been many studies that investigated the use of acupuncture to alleviate intense pain caused by all kinds of diseases and injuries. One of the recurring targets of the traditional …Study confirms “health halo” effects of TV ads are misleading kids
Children are impressionable, and people are often wary of what they say and do around kids to make sure that they don’t imitate any of their bad habits. But are people being careless when it …

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