Killing Children Yet 300 Million Liters Are Used Every Year-Dr. Mercola


Vitamin E
Incredible Supplement for Cellular Aging, but Watch Out for These Red Flags

Sadly, many variations of this vitamin can wreak havoc on your hormones. In particular, make sure it doesn’t contain this toxic substance, and follow this checklist to ensure you get what you’re paying for.


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It’s Killing Children, yet 300 Million Liters Are Used Every Year

There are zero benefits to this substance, other than lining the pockets of these shameless corporate heads. Yet since it was introduced in 1966, it’s usage has soared despite mounting scientific evidence of its dangers. One of the worst betrayals you’ll ever come across.


genetically modified children

Boxers or Briefs? What’s Better for Your Sperm Count?

Research led by the Harvard School of Public Health suggests a man’s choice of underwear can influence his sperm count. If infertility is a concern, you may want to choose boxers over briefs. Sleeping naked also may help.


boxers vs briefs increasing sperm count

What to Expect When Drinking Essiac Tea

Essiac tea, which traces its roots to Canada, has been talked about for many years because of its healing properties. Learn more about what makes essiac tea unique, what its health benefits are and how you can make this beverage at home.


essiac tea

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Fermented Broccoli Sprout
Fermented Broccoli Sprouts Support Your Body’s Detoxification Processes and Cellular Health

Our Fermented Broccoli Sprouts contain both fermented organic broccoli sprout powder and activated organic broccoli whole plant powder. The whole plant powder gives you standardized levels of broccoli’s most important compounds, helping you maximize its many potential health benefits.

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Propolis: Immune System Boosts and Other Impressive Benefits

Propolis is a bee product that contains an impressive amount of active compounds that help in promoting good health. Learn more about propolis supplements and their benefits.

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