McCain the Insane Has Died and Gone to Hell (Warmonger For the ZIONIST MAFIA-SYNAGOGUE OF SATAN)-Death of a Deep State Traitor

McCain vs. Trump: A Look Back at the Feud Between America’s ‘Maverick’ and the President

by TUT editor

McCain denounced Trump for, among other things, his praise of Russian President Vladimir Putin and other leaders the senator described as foreign ‘tyrants’

ed note–Since he–the irreplaceable Mike Piper–is not here in person to say it, we’ll go ahead and say it for him–

‘John McCain has died and gone to hell…’

For those who may not be aware, it was John McCain’s father, Admiral John McCain, who singularly managed the cover-up of Israel’s deliberate act of war against the people of the United States of America with her brazen, premeditated attack on the USS LIBERTY on June 8th, 1967. His son, Senator John McCain finished the dirty work started by his father by–among other tings–giving his personal endorsement to the book written by Jay Kristol exonerating Israel’s deliberate attack as a mere case of ‘mistaken identity’.

But his covering up for Israel vis a vis the USS LIBERTY was by no means the only diabolic service which John McCain as a turncoat member of the US Congress rendered for the Jewish state. Besides his unwavering support for war, war, and more war per Israel’s demands, he was also one of the more out-in-front enemies of Trump and used what little time he had left before beginning his last voyage to hell by  frustrating Trump’s attempts in extinguishing the flames of war in the Middle East and in attempting to reach some sort of detente with a nuclear armed Russia.

As we have pointed out here ad nauseum, McCain was one of the more powerful pieces of artillery that Netanyahu possessed in the US Congress, and had his actions against Trump not been to Netanyahu’s liking, would have received his ‘cease and desist orders’ immediately.  The fact that he did not indicates that everything he did was done with Netanyahu’s approbation and support.

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TUT editor | 08/26/2018
FRIDAY / AUGUST 31, 2018

NY Times: The Religion of Whiteness Becomes a Suicide Cult
A wounded and swaggering identity geopolitics puts the world in grave danger.

In this latest installment of Sulzberger’s never-ending Jewish war on whites, the “paper of record” trots out Hindu hit-man Pankaj Mishr to spew forth homicidal hatred for the sons of Europa. The award-winning essayist is also a regular contributor to the Slimes.

From the article:

“…politicians and pundits in Britain and its settler colonies of Australia, Canada and the United States would jointly forge an identity geopolitics of the “higher races.” Today has reached its final and most desperate phase, with existential fears about endangered white power feverishly circulating once again between the core and periphery of the greatest modern empire. ‘The fundamental question of our time is whether the West has the will to survive,’ President Trump said last year in a speech …. More recently, Mr. Trump tweeted (falsely) about “large-scale killing” of white farmers in South Africa — a preoccupation of white supremacists around the world”

You see that? Sulzberger’s Hindu henchman is parroting Jewish lines by mocking white concerns about “endangered white power” and also stating that the farm murders in South Africa are essentially a hoax. Ah, show us the shekels, rupees, Pankaj, show us the rupees.


Image result for Pankaj Mishra Image result for south african farm murders

1. Pankaj Mishr is a Farm Murder Denier  2. Trump has been attacked for creating badly-needed awareness of the frequent murders of white South African farmers. 3. FACT! A white farmer is brutally murdered (often tortured) every 5 days in South Africa.


Image result for farm murders Image result for farm murders Image result for farm murders

South African farm murders:  — “a preoccupation of white supremacists” according to Sulzberger and his journalistic henchmen.


More of Mishr’s Marxist manure:


Mishr: The exposure of Nazi crimes, followed by decolonization and civil rights movements, generally discredited quasi-scientific racism and stigmatized overt expressions of white supremacism.

Translation: The glorious world war led directly to the capitulation of the White Man to the International Jewish Globalist.

Mishr: In our own time, global capitalism has promised to build a colorblind world through economic integration.

Translation: “Global capitalism” = world government with Jewish elites at the top, mixed masses on all levels below, and whites blended out / killed out of existence.

Mishr: But as revolts erupt against globalization in its latest, more disruptive phase, politicians and pundits in the Anglosphere …

Rebuttal: The “Anglosphere?”  WTF? What would happen if a columnist used a word like “Blackosphere” or “Jewosphere?” How does this Bolshevik bigot get away with using such terminology? Oh, that’s right, His paymasters are Jewish.

Mishr: … are again scrambling to rebuild political communities around what W. E.B. Du Bois in 1910 identified as “the new religion of whiteness.”

Rebuttal: It figures that this little shit-stain would quote W.E.B. Du Bois — the negro communist front-man for the Jewish-founded National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP). Indeed, behind every famous white-hating brown or black there is a filthy-rich Jewish Marxist-Globalist propping him up.

Related image Image result for hitler with his people

1 &2. Communist Du Bois (left) was hired by the usual suspects for the long-term goal of luring blacks away from the positive influence of conservative Booker T. Washington (right) — and thus herding them into the commie camp. 3. Mishr is right about one thing — World War II and its aftermath mark the beginning of White genocide worldwide. A healthy and natural love for one’s own European people is now the stuff of evil “Nazis” and a “white supremacists.”


In closing his hatefest, Mishr tips his murderous hand by quoting a black homosexual Communist writer named James Baldwin (1924-1987). Mishr writes:
“James Baldwin once outlined: “that the rulers of the ‘higher races,’ struggling to hold on to what they have stolen from their captives, and unable to look into their mirror, will precipitate a chaos throughout the world which, if it does not bring life on this planet to an end, will bring about a racial war such as the world has never seen.(emphasis added)
Make no mistake about it, my white brothers and sisters — and our non-white readers will surely appreciate our legitimate concerns here — through mass mixing and ultimately mass murder, James Baldwin wanted you extinct. Pankaj Mishr wants you extinct. Sulzberger wants you extinct. Are we painting a clear picture, or do we exaggerate?
Image result for James Baldwin Image result for SULZBERGER
1. James Baldwin — quoted by Mr. Mishr — was a black Communist homosexual who wanted a “racial war.” 2. Paris: the base of the Eiffel Tower: Black figures are superimposed over the White characters, as a Black male and White female embrace passionately in the center. The linked arms of the Blacks form a 6-pointed Star of David. 3. The Sulzbergers (papa & son) want a world in which the only remaining “whites” are the Khazar Jew ruling class. That is why their family has, for the past 122 years, promoted scum like Du Bois, MLK, Baldwin. Obongo, Mishr et al to serve as battering-rams against white western civilization.


  Boobus Americanus 1: I read in the New York Times today that racist whites are feeling desperate over the loss of their power.

 Boobus Americanus 2: Well, we’ve had a very long run on top. It’s time to allow others to have a chance.


Sugar: White Power!
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The American flag was back to its full height over the White House on Monday morning.
NY Times: White House Flags Back at Full-Staff After McCain Death
Oh the indignant butt-hurt reverberating throughout the bowels of the Piranha Press after Trump’s decision to resume flying the White House’s U.S. flag back at full mast less than two days after the death / suicide / planned disappearance of the arch-villain and traitor John McCain! After spending Sunday “disrespectfully” playing golf (laughing our asses off!) Don Trumpeone remains deaf to the pleas of Senate leaders, the Fake News and the American Legion to lower the flag and keep it there until McStain’s funeral is over.
That ain’t happening, boys and girls.
Image result for trump warns mccain
CNN (October, 2017)

Trump warns McCain: ‘Be careful because at some point I fight back.’

President Donald Trump, hours after Sen. John McCain delivered a speech that repudiated the President, warned the Arizona Republican to “be careful” because at some point he will “fight back.”

We now also learn that the “war hero” who sang like a bird for his Vietnamese captors (here) will not be buried at Arlington National Cemetery, where his Navy Admiral father and his Navy Admiral grandfather were both laid to rest. The official story is that McStain wanted to be buried (or have his empty casket buried) next to a friend from Annapolis Naval Academy (where he graduated in 1958 ranked 894th out of 899 cadets!) We ain’t buyin’ that story. A more plausible explanation is that Trump / NSA “White Hats”  blocked the burial of the full or empty casket from taking place at the hallowed and coveted grounds of Arlington.
Vice-Admiral John S McCain.jpg John S. McCain, Jr. color portrait.jpg Image result for john mccain navy cadet
1. Grandpapa John McCain was a 4-star Admiral known for his foul mouth and nasty temper.  2. Papa John McCain (a 33rd Degree Freemason) was also a 4-star Admiral (who later helped to cover-up the truth about Israel’s deliberate attack on the USS Liberty in 1968). He graduated 18th from the bottom of his cadet class, and 28th of 29 in submarine school. And yet, President Eisenhower (also a bottom 1/3 dweller at West Point) promoted him to Rear Admiral in 1958!  3. Navy Cadet John McCain also graduated close to the very bottom of his class at Annapolis (894 out of 899). Moral defects, intellectual shortcomings and deep insecurities over failing to even come close to living up to his father and grandfather’s military status led him to a life of legalized crime in politics — where psychopathic inferior men have a tendency to rise and rise and rise.
In addition to the displeasure of Congressional leaders, Denise Rohan the commanderette of the American Legion, bitched the following:

“On the behalf of The American Legion’s two million wartime veterans, I strongly urge you to make an appropriate presidential proclamation noting Senator McCain’s death and legacy of service to our nation, and that our nation’s flag be half-staffed through his internment.”

So, soldier girl wants “ an appropriate proclamation” to honor McStain’s “legacy of service” eh? OK. Here’s a pictorial proclamation for you, “Commander,” reviewing just a tiny fraction of the wonderful “service” we have to thank McStain for.

Related image Image result for dead us troops iraq coffins Image result for dead us troops iraq widow

Dead American soldiers

Image result for dead iraqis Image result for iraq boy no arms
Dead and maimed Iraqi civilians 
Of course, McStain did not single-handedly bring about that tragedy of the Iraq War and the subsequent heart-breaking chaos in Syria and Libya. There were many players responsible for having destroyed those once-stable nations. But few, if any, in the U.S. Senate wielded the political clout which the sainted and protected McStain did. Indeed, at a time when it appeared as though George Bush was wavering during the intense and difficult 15 month high-pressure sales job needed to involve America in a new war on Iraq, McStain continued to make TV appearances and deliver deceitful speeches in favor of “regime change” in Iraq.
Get a whiff of this erroneous excrement which McStain pooped-out on the Senate floor on October 10, 2002:

“Saddam Hussein is a megalomaniacal tyrant whose cruelty and offense to the norms of civilization are infamous.” Saddam’s government is a clear and present danger to the United States of America…..

“He has developed stocks of germs and toxins in sufficient quantities to kill the entire population of the earth multiple times. He has placed weapons laden with these poisons on alert to fire at his neighbors within minutes, not hours, and has devolved authority to fire them to subordinates. He develops nuclear weapons with which he would hold his neighbors and us hostage.

No, this is not just another self-serving, oil-rich potentate. He is the worst kind of modern-day tyrant — a conscienceless murderer who aspires to omnipotence who has repeatedly committed irrational acts since seizing power. Given this reality, containment and deterrence and international inspections will work no better than the Maginot Line did 62 years ago.”


What barf! So much death, destruction and suffering in Iraq, Afghanistan and so many other different nations — and this lunatic, at varying times, had also openly called for still more interventions (direct, clandestine or by proxy) in Kosovo, Bosnia, Sudan, Syria, Iran, Korea, Mali, Somalia, Nigeria, Venezuela, Myanmar, Pakistan, Georgia, Chechyna, Ukraine and even within Russia itself. It’s a damn pity we couldn’t hang this greasy, blood-soaked bastard’s sorry-ass at half-mast — naked and upside down — from the White House flagpole. In that case, we’d be happy to “honor” his stinking, decomposing, fly-ridden carcass everyday for a whole month.


Image result for denise rohan Putin calls McCain 'nuts' in outspoken attack
1. Denise Rohan, the stupid hag who heads the American Legion (sigh, face to palm) wants Trump to lower the flag and issue a statement honoring McStain. Does she not understand that McStain got thousands of veterans killed and crippled?  2. Putin on McStain: Mr McCain fought in Vietnam. I think that he has enough blood of peaceful citizens on his hands. It must be impossible for him to live without these disgusting scenes anymore.”
Yet another “coincidence” — or a “Sicilian Message” from Melania Trump 
Image result for melania instagram eisenhower sapling Related image
Melania Trump Instagram (August 27, 2018) — “planting a sapling from the Eisenhower Oak.” (symbolically digging “war hero” McCain’s grave. McCain’s unqualified father was promoted to Rear Admiral by Globalist Eisenhower, making McCain a “sapling of Eisenhower,” get it?)
Q Post, (August 27, 2018) — “He (McCain) did not depart on his own terms” 


  Boobus Americanus 1: I read in The New York Times today that Trump refuses to fly the White House flag at half mast to honor John McCain. 

 Boobus Americanus 2: Trump is being very petty. Shame on him. John McCain was a war hero and an independent maverick.

Sugar: Hey Boobusss. I hear that McStain’ss home-wrecking whore of a trophy wife wass an independent maverick too, back in the day.
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