Stone’s Interview With Putin: Putin Threat to Zionists! Good!

Russian President Vladimir Putin

Putin Serving Coffee to Stone, Secret Docs and Other Epic Moments of TV Special

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The full four-part documentary by Stone, dubbed The Putin Interviews, was broadcast by the Showtime television network on June 12-15. On Friday, Stone released the transcript of his interviews with the Russian leader, which had been recorded between 2015 and 2017 and were aired by the Showtime television network earlier in the week.

Here are the most epic moments of Stone’s interviews with the Russian leader.

Putin Pranks Stone

The Russian president is no stranger to humor. Putin decided to invent his own script during the footage of the documentary.During a rehearsal before the shooting, the film director told Putin how the scene would be built: how Stone and the Russian president were supposed to “meet” and where they would sit for conversation.

“I can go from there, I can go down from the balcony,” the Russian leader suggested. However, Stone led him into the hall saying that he likes the place as “it adds depth.”

The film director was planning to meet Putin halfway and suggested jokingly that they had not seen each other for several months.

When the shooting began, Stone gave the “Motor” command several times, but Putin did not leave the hall. Then the director asked a translator to translate into Russian the word “Motor.” “We’re starting, Vladimir Vladimirovich,” the interpreter told the president. However, the Russian president still did not come out and at the same time was jokingly winking at the camera.

“He went to another meeting,” disappointed Stone said. Then, Putin finally appeared with two cups in his hands. “Coffee, sir!” the Russian president said as Stone began laughing.

The truly epic episode was released as part of the fourth part of The Putin Interviews.

Secret Docs and Kremlin Rooms Never Seen by Press

Stone’s documentary featured the Russian leader’s secret office in the Kremlin that had never been shown to journalists before.

The film director was allowed to capture Putin’s phones: the president simply presses one of them when he needs to contact a certain person.Stone’s team also captured Putin’s computer desktop depicting the Kremlin’s view at night, as well as scissors, lying on an orange folder with the inscription “secret” on it.

Then, the crew was also invited to another part of Putin’s secret office which resembled a living room with cupboards, tables, sofas and many other things in it. In the center of the study there was a roundtable, on which there was a plate with fruits and a jar of honey. In the corner, there were icons of the Mother of God and Christ standing next to a portrait of his father during his service in the Soviet Naval Forces in the Crimean city port of Sevastopol.

“And this is the second part of the office. This is where I work with documents, it’s usually covered with papers,” Putin said.

Then, Putin said “sorry, there’s a mess here,” and showed another room with desk, bookcases and even a fireplace, where the Russian leader reads secret docs and news.

According to a book-transcript released by Stone on Friday, Putin told Stone that he always reads documents he needs in the original and never settles for an abridged version.

“I never use intelligence documents provided by the intelligence services. I always read specific documents.”

Putin as the Kremlin Staff Boss

Oliver Stone had a chance to figure out what is it like to be a Putin’s staffer. He asked the Kremlin spokesman, Dmitry Peskov, whether Putin raises voice at him when he is not satisfied with his work.

Peskov responded, “No, never.”

​best moment — Peskov holding a microphone

Putin confirmed it saying that he “never yells.”

He explained that when a person raises his voice, it is difficult to hear anything.

“If one yells, raises his voice, then people don’t understand the meaning of what you said well,” Putin noted.

Rare Glimpse at Putin’s Family

Stone’s documentary shed light on the Russian president’s private life and his family. Putin usually avoids speaking about his family due to security issues.Thanks to Oliver Stone, the public learned that the Russian leader is already a grandfather. Later, during a Q&A session, Putin said he has two grandchildren and that one of them had only recently been born.

Oliver Stone asked Putin whether he likes his grandchildren. Putin said he does but admitted he doesn’t have much time to play with them.

Putin also said that his daughters are not into politics or business; they both work in the scientific sphere. “I am proud of them,” he added. He also said that after the shooting with Stone ends, he planned to have lunch with his daughters.

“They have their own family life and we meet,” Putin said.

When the Russian leader was asked whether the husbands of his daughters oppose his views on certain events and if they have disputes, Putin said, “We don’t argue, we discuss issues,” Putin said.

Putin also shared information about his parents with Stone. He said that his mother died in 1998 and his father — in 1999.

“My father passed away just two months prior to my appointment as prime minister, but even before I was appointed prime minister, he always told medical staff: my president is going to arrive,” Putin said.

He also shared the tragic memories of his family’s harrowing experience during the Siege of Leningrad during WWII. He said that his older brother died of starvation before he was born, adding that the preservation of the memory of WWII is very personal for him.


Stone’s film also features Putin playing hockey. Before hitting the ice, Stone told Putin he is “a mighty mouse,” and added that he will watch how Putin plays hockey.Putin responded, “You shouldn’t just watch, you should cheer for me.”

After the game, Putin said that he hadn’t learned to skate until he was 60. “I was 60. I could not stand when wearing ice skates at all. I just could not stand. It’s always interesting to do something new,” Putin said.

Putin & Abe Watch Judo Match In Tokyo

He also commented on his passion for judo, saying that he was into the martial art since he was 13 or 14 years old.The second part of the movie featured a horse stable at Putin’s residence outside Moscow. Putin said he rarely rides a horse and told about an experience he had falling from one.

“I fall from them, unfortunately. I’ve fallen and flown over the head of a horse,” Putin told Stone.

Vladimir Putin on vacation in Tyva Republic
Vladimir Putin on vacation in Tyva Republic

Typical ‘American’ Gift From Stone

During a walk, Stone was discussing the nuclear arms race and asked whether Putin had watched “Dr. Strangelove or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Bomb” by Stanley Kubrick.Then Stone presented him a DVD with the film and they watched it together.

Putin said that the movie is far closer to reality, even regarding its technical aspects than one might think.

When Putin was leaving, Stone reminded him of his present and gave him the movie’s empty DVD box as he apparently forgot it was still in the DVD player.

Putin walked out of the room, then returned and joked, “A typical American gift.”

Assassination Attempts and Fate

Putin has always paid attention to his security, however, there is very little information about details.Stone asked Putin about five reported assassination attempts and recalled that there were some 50 assassination attempts on Fidel Castro.

Putin said he discussed the issue with Castro and the Cuban revolutionary leader told him why he was still alive. Castro said he always dealt with his security personally, Putin said, adding that he trusts his security and that the security officers are “are still performing [their work] quite successfully.”

Putin also revealed his stance on whether or not our fates are predetermined, “Do you know what they say among the Russian people? They say that those who are destined to be hanged are not going to drown.”

Stone is famous for making films focused on urgent political issues, and his latest work, released in late 2016, was devoted to former National Security Agency (NSA) contractor-turned-whistleblower Edward Snowden. In late April, Stone said he was working on a film about Putin.

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