With The Smell Of War In The Air, Patriots Should Be Prepared To Defend Their Families And America Against Globalist Terrorists! 




December 10, 2018

With The Smell Of War In The Air, Patriots Should Be Prepared To Defend Their Families And America Against Globalist Terrorists!

The Deep State’s War Upon President Trump And America Ramps Up To Crisis Levels


By Stefan Stanford – All News Pipeline – Live Free Or Die
If anybody else noticed the smell of war and revolution in the air, you’re not the only ones.

With parts of France now in flames as anti-globalism protests spread to other parts of Europe including Belgium and the Netherlandswhile French President Emmanuel Macron uses the EU’s ‘globalist army’ to subdue his own people, what’s happening in the EU could come here to the United States mentions Forbes in this new story with antifa terrorists already attempt to dictate where Americans can walk as we see in the first video directly below.

With London, England also turning hot as leftist protesters march in the streets screaming “tear down the fences” and “open the borders, the fact that antifa is using the threat of violence against law-abiding Americans, openly daring them to walk past them on a public sidewalk while they’re armed with guns, we’re not the least bit surprised that some have been warning of truly historical violence in the next two years leading up to the 2020 election. And with the globalists now conducting an all-out war upon not only President Trump, as we’ll see in this story, the globalists war is upon freedom and America.

And with the feel of everything suddenly going hot all at once over the coming days, weeks, and months, we pray that ANP readers are prepared to defend themselves and their families and America against either a rapidly maddening leftist crowd or against corrupt totalitarian government. Because make no mistake about it, ‘globalism’ is totalitarian to the core and a true enemy to freedom and the American people. REMEMBER! The ‘boiling frogs’ police state in America was absolutely constructed under Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, Robert Mueller and the totally corrupted deep state factions.

As William Stoecker recently reported on ANP,  America under Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton and the globalists became a government of criminals, for the criminals and by the criminals. And what we’ve seen ever since the election with the deep state going all-in after President Trump, actually creating a scandal out of thin air and then investigating it with the full backing of the government while the REAL CRIMINAL, Hillary Clinton, remains unscathed, PROVES to ANP and to tens of millions of other Americans that the justice system has long been broken in this country. Seemingly created to protect Hillary Clinton, deep state crimes and the #ClintonCrimeFamily, ‘broken justice’ means ‘illegitate justice’ means NO justice.

And as we had reported on ANP back on December 7th, according to Martin Armstrong of Armstrong Economics, the lead up to the 2020 election could be the most violent in the history of the United States. Is America headed towards all out civil war? Awakened Americans from both the left and the right should realize we have a mutual enemy in this battle, a globalist enemy within that wants to enslave all of us and has built up the system all around us to do just that. Globalism is totalitarian in nature.

And now in this must-read new story from Mike Adams over at Natural News titled “Prepare for President Trump to call upon American citizens to defend the Republic against the lawless deep state, Adams warns why America is now in such incredible danger, with the corrupted faction of the deep state still running much of the DOJ and the FBI and potential indictment’s of President Trump coming in the days or weeks ahead, potentially further enraging the left into a frenzy.

From Adams very important story.:

Even though Robert Mueller is repeatedly indicting former Trump associates for lying to the government — a “process crime” – James Comey just gave testimony to Congress in which he lied hundreds of times. Yet nothing has happened to James Comey (yet).

President Trump may soon be indicted for “campaign finance violations,” warn lawless Democrats, yet Hillary Clinton pre-sold White House influence to foreign oligarchs for hundreds of millions of dollars on the assumption that Democrats had successfully stolen the 2016 election. Why are there no arrests of Clinton Foundation associates or Hillary Clinton herself?

Robert Mueller’s entire appointment to special counsel was based on a LIE and an illegally leaked memo from James Comey himself, a friend and associate of Robert Mueller, who served as the FBI director when Hillary Clinton’s Uranium One scandal was deliberately swept under the rug, allowing U.S. uranium resources to be funneled to Russia and Iran. Yet, somehow, Robert Mueller, James Comey, Hillary Clinton and even Barack Obama — who carried out massive international money laundering to fly actual pallets of cash to the Iranian regime — are all apparently immune to scrutiny or prosecution. Only Trump associates are accused of crimes, while the real criminals of America — the deep state — appear to be immune to any prosecution or investigation.

The deep state Democrats, it turns out, have criminalized politics. No crimes committed by Democrats are investigated or prosecuted, yet Republicans are condemned as criminals merely for engaging in conservative, pro-America politics. (Read the book The Russia Hoax by Gregg Jarrett, or Spygate by Dan Bongino, for an astonishing overview of the damning evidence against the deep state.)


As Adams then goes on to point out, there may still be a way for the deep state to be dismantled but that would require President Trump to release a tsunami load of classified documents, documents that we at ANP argue MUST be declassified for the sake of this country. And should these classified documents find that President Trump is a criminal who colluded with Russia, then we’ll argue that President Trump should be held accountable for his crimes.

Yet should these documents implicate the deep state in what appears more and more to be a very real coup attempt against a lawfully elected President, than the deep state MUST be held accountable for their crimes, whether those crimes be treason or sedition, and the guilty must be punished. Or, Americans will have absolute proof that there is no ‘rule of law’ in America for the ‘global elite‘ and the ‘deep state‘ and if there is no rule of law for them, it doesn’t apply to anybody.

And Adams story also points out just how President Trump can finally clean up the swamp, a swamp that we’re believing more and more will never be drained. Once again, from Adams important story:

How President Trump could call upon the citizenry to defend America against an illegal political coup run by a lawless anti-America mafia.

President Trump may already be aware of this, but there are millions of patriotic citizens ready to aid in his defense of America. They are unlikely to act without authorization, however. To take action, they will need to be granted presidential authority.

If activated by the President in defense of the nation, they would rally in Washington D.C. and assist Trump-appointed Federal Marshals (or other law enforcement officials) in locating and arresting deep state traitors throughout the bureaucracy, including those currently committing treason inside the FBI, DOJ and DHS.

Trump would merely need to reactivate all former federal officials and former military personnel, all of whom have sworn an oath to “protect and defend the United States of America against all enemies, foreign and domestic.” That oath is a lifetime oath; it does not expire just because you retire or leave federal service. Further, the limitations of posse comitatus do not restrict the deployment of active duty military personnel on U.S. soil if defending the nation against enemy combatants operating within the United States. Thus, Trump could also deploy Military Police or even active duty military personnel to seek out and arrest enemy combatants who are operating inside the U.S. government.

For the record, those “enemy combatants” must include a long list of currently-serving U.S. Senators and House Representatives who are anti-America communists. Almost all of them pretend to be “socialists” or “democratic socialists,” but they all have the same goal: The overthrow of the American republic and a sweeping new authoritarian, communist government in charge of everything. See the film “Enemies Within” by Trevor Louden for a detailed list of who needs to be arrested, indicted and prosecuted.


And with the globalists still pushing President Trump into a war with Russia, a war that military experts have told ANP that the US can’t possibly win due to Russia’s unstoppable new hypersonic nuclear weapons, should those pushing for war with Russia succeed, America will be playing straight into the hands of those who want to destroy our nation and sovereignty.

So with things heating up all around the world and a very clear line drawn between the globalists and the populists, with the globalists pushing for global tyranny while populists push for their own nations to hold on to some sovereignty in this ‘brave new world‘ the globalists have cast us into, should those who long ago sold out America for their luciferian ‘new world order‘ global government be successful at taking down President Trump, there may be nothing short of a full-fledged revolution to stop the global government tyrants from completing their ‘take down‘ of America.

In the next video below we see what looks to be an EU armor plated vehicle preparing to take on the people of France, showing us once again that totalitarian government’s have no problem using force upon their people. And while the free world would benefit greatly from a deposed French president Macron, we instead expect to see the full force of global government tyranny unleashed upon the free people of France, showing us the direction they’ll take here in America if they have to to protect their tyranny. And the war upon President Trump and all of his associates proves to us these very, very evil people have no problem lying and ruining others lives if it temporarily gets them out of the frying pan they should be in.

In the 2nd and final video below we get a globalism update from Brexit to France from Andrew Drapper on the Hagmann and Hagmann Report, a video that looks at the unfolding tyranny from a Christian and ‘red-pilled’ point of view.

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