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What Is The Truth About The Migrant Caravan?


With the media now becoming almost silent on the crisis on the border I traveled to Tijuana to see for myself who these refugees were and what their intended goals are. The media had been showing us footage for weeks of migrants traveling up through South America into Mexico to ultimately reach the U.S. border and seek asylum.

When migrants did reach the border many decided to rush it instead, resulting in dramatic footage of border agents using tear gas on the migrants. However, after NBC reporter on the ground, Gadi Schwartz began confirming that the vast majority of asylum seekers were in fact grown men coverage seemed to stop altogether. Now exploring a makeshift shelter where thousands of migrants have assembled for myself I can confirm this to be the case. Many of these men are simply looking for better-paying jobs and more opportunity, but alarmingly most don’t have any idea what asylum is, and certainly would not qualify. This is a very sad and desperate situation that does not have an easy solution so please share my video report with others so they can get a better understanding of the reality of the migrant situation.

While traveling to Mexico I also took advantage of some medical tourism as prices for both dental and medical care have skyrocketed. So I decided to get some dental work done at a fraction of the cost in a much nicer facility than had I gotten it done in the states. To learn more about this and other expatting advantages make sure to subscribe to the newsletter. Stay tuned for many updates to come.


In this video Luke is on the ground at the makeshift encampment and shelter set up in Tijuana for the caravan migrants. Although some were reporting there would be a border rush on Saturday, but what is the truth about what is going on in Mexico?

In this video, Luke is joined by Partisan Girl to give you the latest breaking news on news on the media spin regarding the chemical attack in Syria. In the United States, they can’t spin this, that’s why they won’t report on it at all.


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