Christians on Brink of ‘Extinction’ in Middle East

Archbishop of Canterbury: Christians on Brink of ‘Extinction’ in Middle East

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By Eric Mack    |   Sunday, 02 December 2018 09:36 AM

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Faced with the “daily threat of murder” in the Middle East, Christians are on the verge of “imminent extinction,” according to the archbishop of Canterbury in the U.K.’s Telegraph.

“In the birthplace of our faith, the community faces extinction,” Archbishop Justin Welby  wrote in the Sunday Telegraph.

Read Newsmax: Archbp. of Canterbury: Christians in Mideast on Brink of ‘Extinction’ |
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The threat has the most senior clergyman in the Church of England calling for the taking in of more Middle East refugees, the Telegraph reported.

Archbishop Welby added Christians are facing “the worst situation since the Mongol invasions of the 13th Century” in his op-ed headlined: “In the Middle East, Christians are under grave threat – let us show them they are not forgotten.”

The call comes after the report in the UK’s Express that just one in 400 Syrian refugees given asylum in UK were Christians. Specifically, just 11 of the 4,832 Syrians who were resettled in the UK in 2017 were Christian, according to the Express.

“Christians are being subjected to horrendous persecution in Syria,” Bright Blue senior researcher, James Dobson, told the Express.

Read Newsmax: Archbp. of Canterbury: Christians in Mideast on Brink of ‘Extinction’ |
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My Comment:  The British Empire is pro Saudi’s and pro terrorists.  There is a reason LaRouchePAC dubs London LONDONISTAN.  These terrorists even collect unemployment checks ins France.

Report: Terrorist Suspects Collected Welfare Benefits While Planning Attacks

At least five suspected plotters of Paris, Brussels received $56K

French soldiers operate in St. Denis following Paris attacks / AP


Several terrorist suspects were collecting Belgian welfare benefits while plotting attacks in Paris and Brussels, according to investigators.

Belgian authorities concluded that at least five of the suspected conspirators in the Brussels and Paris terrorist attacks were partly financed by the nation’s social-welfare system, receiving in total about $56,000, the Wall Street Journalreported Friday.

Surviving Paris attack suspect Salah Abdeslam collected about $21,000 in unemployment benefits until three weeks before the November assaults. Abdeslam, who was a manager and part owner of a Belgian bar at the time, should have been ineligible for public assistance, officials said.

Numerous suspected terrorists involved in a thwarted Belgian attack had also received welfare benefits, according to a judge who sentenced more than a dozen people who were part of an Islamic State cell to prison last month.

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