Celebrating Happy Hanukkah

Exactly what is it that we Jews are celebrating on Hanukkah?

by TUT editor

ed note–as covered and discussed here extensively as of late, a proper understanding of the true scope of what encompasses the Judaic celebration of Hanukkuh (or as the late, great, and greatly-missed Mike Piper used to refer to it–‘H’nooka’) is absolutely intrinsic to understanding the nature of the war which Judea, Inc is waging today against the West. Contrary to the manner in which it is presented for public consumption, it is anything but harmless or beneficent. It is not ‘Jewish Christmas’ whose beating heart is latkas, lights, laughter and lightheartedness.

At its core, it–like its twin twisted sisters Passover and Purim–is yet another celebration of Gentile-cide in what came to be known as the Maccabean war which featured religious nutcase Jews who  engaged in Juhad, first against their fellow Judaites (who sought liberation from the suffocating death grip of Torah Judaism and its 613 rules and regulations handed down by Moses) and against then the Syrian Greeks themselves who were/are seen as ‘corrupters’ of the backwards and barbaric protocols of Judaism via Greek enlightenment known as Hellenism.

What makes this piece so important to read is the fact that as of late, there has been a disproportionate amount of Judaic commentary trying to keep H’Nooka exactly where OJI need it to remain if the long term plans of Judea Resurrecta are to proceed–i.e. the harmless, beneficient celebration featuring lights, latkes and laughter, rather than what it truly was–a religiously-mandated slaughter of ‘heretic’ Judaics and then from there, the expansion of ‘Greater Israel’ and then the war against Western (Greco-Roman) civilization itself.

Our unesteemed rabbinic author makes it clear that indeed–contrary to all the fluff that is put out for public consumption–that indeed H’Nooka was Juhad against fellow Judaics, but as well, why this fact has been kept hidden from public view for strategic purposes, to wit–

‘Because if the Gentiles knew the truth about the great Jewish civil war 2,100 years ago, we would appear in a bad light. Therefore, only the truly educated know the whole story.’

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