Zionist Who Call Theirselves Jewish MEDIA HATE TRUMP! He Needs to Go So They Can Go AFTER AMERICANS…YOU ARE THE TARGET!

Does The Media Hate Trump?

by TUT editor

The answer is an unequivocal ‘Yes,’ and according to the stats of a recent Pew Poll, from the very start of his Presidency

ed note–We’ll spare the reader the usual extended commentary dealing with the nonsense surrounding the ‘Trump is the favored son of Judea’ protocol in favor of the following ‘no brainer’–

We all know who owns the media, and it ain’t the AY-rabs or the Cat-licks. We also know that the media is the most potent weapon that this particular group has in its multi-tiered arsenal, and that when they have decided that someone is to die a death of a thousand cuts, it is done through control of the media.

Therefore, anyone being subjected to this thousand-cuts death is obviously not viewed in friendly terms by this unnamed ‘group’ who owns the media and therefore any theories floating around out there that such-and-such or so-and-so is beloved by this same group that is in full-bore/pedal-to-the-metal seek and destroy mode against said ‘beloved’ is so patently absurd on its face that in any intelligent (note that word) discussion of modern politics such a ridiculous thesis should not be granted even 3 seconds’ time in any debate.

Sadly however, it is…

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