Another Vaccine Casualty, Beyonce’s Satanic Practices

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A few days after getting a flu vaccine, Shane Morgan fell ill with a disease in which a person’s nerves are attacked by the immune system, causing paralysis and, in extreme cases, death.

These forms of ‘dark’ magic and ritual abuse is running rampant in elitist places like the Vatican, politics, the financial industry, and Hollywood. Why do we idolize these people and choose them as our leaders?

Are people waking up to the reality of who some politicians are? Are we seeing through the mainstream media’s narrative controlling enough to change our actions? Are we truly awakening? We feel it!

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Remember the SWAT deputy who wore the Q patch when meeting Pence last week? He was just demoted. But there’s more important things to say about this.
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Joe discusses what appears to be a very common occurrence amongst people in 2017. A specific set of spiritual lessons, if you will, seemed to be experience by many people and many companies around the world. Joe shares his personal story with this and what he took from it.
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