Will We All Be a Burnt Offering to Yahweh the God of the Jews?

When God created the world, it included testing Abraham with the command to sacrifice his son and then give his body as a burnt offering

ed note–again, that the following discussion about to take place here is only doing so now in 2018, thousands of years after such a discussion should have begun, not only speaks volumes as to why mankind now finds itself in the EXTREMELY precarious situation that it does vis a vis a particular group of megalomaniacal characters bent on worldwide domination and threatening to incinerate the entire world if they do not get their way, but as well, the fact that there seems to be no rational approach to dealing with the troubles in the world–political, cultural, economic, etc–that are the direct result of the toxic influence which this statistically-insignificant substratum of humanity holds over human affairs.

Just putting things into perspective here, if someone today claimed he was hearing voices in his head instructing him to take his son, bind him hand and foot, place him on a stone altar, slit his throat and then burn his body, that person would (rightly) be adjudged mentally ill and dangerous to society. They would immediately be taken into custody, put into either a jail cell or a padded room, shackled like Hanibal Lector was in ‘Silence of the Lambs’ and pumped with enough anti-psychotic medication that the only physical functions remaining that their brains could still perform would be drooling and involuntary urination.

And if by some chance, our psychotic were ‘cured’ through the use of drugs, electric shock or whatever and then set free upon society again, the knowledge of his ‘previous’ condition would follow him around like a shadow. He would never be allowed any position where he could adversely affect or threaten others and would be monitored constantly by the authorities in making sure that he/she was taking the meds necessary to keep them from being a menace to society.

And yet, this very same story is exactly the basis upon which the entire paradigm of Judaism (and in certain respects, Christianity) is based. No one bothers to consider the rational ABC’s of any of it, the fact that the 2 ‘Abrahamic’ religions ascribe the planned murder and incineration of an innocent human child (late term abortion, anyone?) as being anything other than ‘holy’, despite the geo-political repercussions that this tale has had on that same

aforementioned group of megalomaniacs who now are holding not just a knife to the throat of humanity, but indeed, hundreds of nuclear weapons and who are not likely to either hear nor heed any divine voices telling them not to go through with it all.

All of this was not just a clue, but indeed, a prophecy and a warning about what would undoubtedly befall humanity if those people who count themselves as the devoted acolytes of the would-be child murderer ever managed to climb the latter of humanity to a point where they held disproportionate sway over human affairs. And yet, to this day, not only is a discussion of this sort yet to take place, but what’s worse is that for anyone to even suggest such things results in a concerted screeching campaign, not only from the Jews themselves,

but as well from those same Christians who fail to understand the madness inherent in it all, and not even when it is they themselves more than anyone else who stand the best chance of being sacrificed as a nuclear-induced burnt offering as a ‘gift’ to yahweh, the ‘god’ of the Jews.

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