Israel has bombed Syria for three nights straight as Bibi deals with all sorts of domestic political problems.


Syria’s air defenses have been activated in response to a wave of “Israeli aggression” for the third time in four days, the state Syrian Arab News Agency reported on Sunday.

The attack came from the Lebanese airspace at around 00:35am local time, targeting the city of Homs and its surroundings, an unnamed military official told SANA. The military source confirmed “some material damages” and at least five injuries among soldiers, after air defenses failed to intercept some of the missiles.

The latest air raid came after two nights of strikes on the Syrian capital and its suburbs. The first barrage of missiles hit Damascus early on Thursday, shortly after midnight local time. The Syrian military blamed the IDF for the attack that came from the direction of the Israeli-occupied Golan Heights and injured at least two soldiers in addition to causing some “material damage.”

Another wave of missiles targeted a location in the Damascus countryside the next night, around 12:17am local time, but caused no casualties, according to the Syrian military.

These Jews are operating on borrowed time. Their American golem is collapsing and there will soon be nobody left to defend the evil Zionist regime.

Bibi is probably just ordering these attacks to try and distract from all the protests happening around Israel. There’s a large number of Jews who want him removed from power and this helps deflect from that.

Regardless of that, the world is changing and with Russia and China positioned to lead it, this endless foolishness from the Israelis is not going to be tolerated. Syria remains a key ally of Russia and these unprovoked attacks against the Syrians is not something the they will be able to maintain indefinitely. In fact, I think the Jews will be lucky if Israel even exists within the next few decades.