Vengeance is Mine Saith Judea

Judea’s war against Esau, Amalek and Rome

by TUT editor

The next time you see a cross either on a church or worn by a ‘believer,’ stop and think for a moment what that symbol is saying in the Christian mind. The cross is the crucifixion, and its message – ‘Remember! Do not forget what the children of Jacob did to the “savior”. The memory inherent in the cross has sustained the hatred toward Jews for 2000 years. Esau and his grandson Amalek are very much alive today, and will be so until the time when we Jews put into motion our own ‘remember’

ed note–revisiting a theme that is covered here regularly, a watcher of modern day events as they relate to the Jewish state simply cannot understand the full extent of what it is that organized Jewry has planned for all of us without understanding first how the issue of ‘Rome’ factors into everything.

The often-cited ‘2,000 years of Jooish suffrink and poisecution’ that is said to justify the creation of Judea, Resurrecta was all the result of those tumultuous events ending in 70 AD when the Roman Empire crushed the rebellion in Judea and forbade the Jews from ever returning there again under pain of death, except for one day out of the year, Tisha B’Av, the 9th day of the 11th month in the Hebrew calendar. (gee, 9/11, what a coincidence)

Naturally, as one can fully expect when one understands the inherently narcissistic, violent and vindictive nature of Judaism going all the way back to the book of Genesis, the Jews have all but drowned themselves in their own spit waiting for the day when they are afforded the opportunity of making the Romans pay for the crime of destroying what Judaism considers to be the headquarters of yahweh, the nation state of Judea and especially its capital, Jerusalem.

Everything that has progressed over the last 2,000 years, from the accumulation of money and political influence to the fracturing of Christendom under the Protestant Reformation to all the skullduggery and intrigue that has taken place in the last century has been part and parcel of all of this, and as indicated earlier, it is not just about creating Judea Resurrecta, but indeed, about inflicting vengeance upon the great, great grandchildren of yesterday’s Romans who were responsible for that ‘2,000 years of Jooish suffrink’ and in the process, adding a new anti-Gentile religious celebration to those such as Passover, Purim, H’nooka, etc.

Below are the words of yet another deranged, violent, vindictive Rabbi discussing this very principle. Please pay close attention to the last paragraph in his essay where he cites the Jooish ‘prophet’ Obadiah and how Rome is to be reduced to mere ‘stubble’ in the aftermath of that apocalyptic fire which Judea, Inc has planned for her ancient enemies.

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My Comment:  The Roman Empire was SATANIC as is Rothschild ZIONISM and Rothschild Zionists created ZIONIST Israel.

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