Narcissistic ‘Spirituality’

G-d will defeat our enemies

by TUT editor

ed note–our apologies ahead of time for subjecting the reader to this circular mish-mash of Judaic lunacy, but it is actually of vital importance in understanding why the world teeters on the edge of its own destruction today as a result of the preponderance of influence and power that people under the intoxicating influence of this Judaic lunacy hold. today.

Obviously, there are many compounds that collectively make up the ‘Ecstasy’ drug known as Judaism. Certainly the blank check to engage in every form of criminal activity known to the civilized world without fear of divine retribution is a biggie, but the two most important that must be understood first and foremost are–

1.  The utter narcissism and self-worship that comes from being ‘favored’ and ‘chosen’,


2. That a violent, vindictive, merciless ‘god’ known as ‘yahweh’ (and in some circles as ‘Hashem’) stands ready to ‘smite’ whatever Gentile or group of Gentiles threatens to harm the apple of his eye.

It is for this reason that the devilish mind-programmers of millenia past made sure to include VERY PROMINENTLY all the infamous tall tales featuring plagues, parting seas, pillars of fire, sandstorms, manna from heaven, etc in its seductive and addictive lore. Without these inebriating and intoxicating elements and the religious and narcissistic euphoria that are their inevitable by-products, how else would these mind-programmers build this army of thieves, rapists, and invaders whose mission is to go out and plunder the wealth of others for the benefit of the few at the very top?

Please note the diametric difference between the ‘promises’ of violent retribution by the Jewish god against those who dared offend the apple of his eye vs the full-disclosure warnings which Jesus gave to His followers should they choose to follow in His footsteps–

‘The student is not above the teacher, nor a servant above his master, and what they have done to me, they will do to you’, as well as warning His followers that they would be flogged, imprisoned, pursued from town to town and eventually crucified, but that the reward they would get would be in knowing they were doing the ‘Lord’s work’ in resisting the evils of Judaism as well as the glory of the afterlife.

So much for this non-existent creature known as ‘Judeo-Christianity’.

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