Trump Does Not Want WW3 Period!!!!!

Trump under fire over new Iran sanctions that are ‘too weak’

by TUT editor

Lawmakers worried that Tehran may be able to stay connected to international bank transfer system, bypassing punitive measures

ed note–it SHOULD go without saying, but knowing from past experience in dealing with those who consider themselves more endowed in the intellectual department than they really are, we’ll go ahead and say it anyway.


Rather, the Jews as a group, or as we like to refer to them here, ‘organized Jewish interests’, on the right, the left, north, south, east, west and everything in between, did everything they could in trying to prevent his ascension to the highest office in the world, and now, having failed in that attempt, are now working feverishly to try and unseat him before he can do too much ‘damage’ vis a vis his ‘ultimate peace deal’.

Now, having said that, let’s fill in the blanks for those playing ‘catch up’ in all of this.

Yes, Trump maintains the appearance–please note that word–of an aggressive posture both with Iran and with the Palestinians. He has to if his hopes for coming to some sort of resolution–as inadequate and imperfect as it may be–in staving off an approaching storm which threatens all live on earth stands more than a mere snowball’s chance in hell.

Keep in mind as well that those same ‘lawmakers’ and ‘outside advisers’ mentioned in this piece are Netanyah’s hired guns in putting pressure on Trump to cave into the demands which Judea, Inc has issued.

And, while we are doing a little ‘word study’ here, keep in mind something else, and particularly all yuuz out there adding your own voices of support to those of the NeoCon Mafia working feverishly to see Trump removed–

‘Ultimate Peace Deal’ is not–as it has been inaccurately portrayed–simply about fixing the problem between the Jews and the Arabs, but rather is about preventing WWIII which Trump has said on many occasions is his ‘number one fear’. Read more of this post

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