Gunman Yelling ‘all Jews must Die’ Smells Fishy-Now Trump Being Blamed (Deep State Cabal Behind This)

Yelling ‘all Jews must die,’ gunman kills 8 at Pittsburgh synagogue

by TUT editor

Shooter fires at police, barricades himself inside the Tree of Life synagogue in the city before surrendering

ed note–naturally, all the usual suspects will chirp all the usual noise that this was a ‘false flag’, a ‘hoax’ or was ‘stage-managed’, but the ugly truth of the matter is that we no longer possess the luxury of reflexively falling back on such explanations for events of this type, for the simple reason that the ‘neighborhood’ from which the shooter is said to hail–meaning ‘duh muuvmnt’–is chock full of mentally ill types who would do exactly something like this.

Websites such as Daily Stormer and Stormfront that go over-the-top in their discussion of the ‘JQ’ and which tolerate overt violent language and violent ‘solutions’ in both their comments section and in the pieces which they write and publish act as accelerants in pushing already-unstable individuals into doing ‘somethings’ such as this, which is why OJI–as much as they make the pretenses of ‘opposing’ such websites and the individuals who own/run them, nevertheless–make sure that money flows into the coffers of said websites, to say nothing of the full, front-page coverage which the JMSM gives them regularly in helping to further along the narrative that all anti-Zionist/anti-Judaic ‘activism’ is populated by individuals who are violent and criminally inclined.

Of course, it is these organized Jewish interests themselves who hold most of the responsibility for acts such as this, not only in their own criminal activity that has been the fuel for such rage, but as well in that through their organized tactics of censorship, threats, and even overt violence which they perpetrate against Gentiles trying to seek a ‘peaceful’ and political solution to the problems which OJI have helped create and perpetuate, they force unstable individuals such as this–and just like others throughout history who have resorted to similar tactics–into believing that the only ‘Final Solution’ to the JP is the use of violence since talking and reason seem to have no affect at all.

Nevertheless, all can rest assured that this event, taking place so close on the heels of the recent spate of bomb threats that the blame for which is now being laid at the feet of a President whom the Jews want gone, and coming a mere 12 days before the mid-term elections, can only portend the worst.

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