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‘The overwhelming malevolent chauvinism of Judaism’

by TUT editor

ed note–once in a while, a comment appears on this website that is so good that it deserves being posted as a standalone essay all by itself, and the commentary left by one of our regular long-time readers ‘Mothman’ is just such and therefore deserves careful consideration. And while we may differ slightly as to what the afterlife holds, certainly in his diagnosis of the age-old problem involving that peculiar group that always seems to factor into virtually every major worldwide upheaval, his words cannot ring more true than they did here, to wit–

‘…The overwhelming malevolent chauvinism of Judaism continually maintains a certain conceited collective hypnotic influence over the dark mass of cowardly and spiritually indolent Jewish souls and binds them together in an actually suicidal fashion, and this can be clearly understood to be the case when what they are doing is seen from an actual spiritual perspective. Wasters like these particularly fallen souls seem to have a certain propensity to flock together and share common criminal purpose together on all levels, mental, physical, psychic and spiritual.

The Jewish souls have been so long absent from any association with the true Lord God that they have actually gone quite insane and are not capable in their present collective hysteria of seeing that truth, having now been reduced to mere spiritual parasites who are bound to the material dimension for as long as they will choose to continue to spiritually languish in their present madness.

One bright day, the world will come to its senses and entirely understand the need of rejecting the false and demonic notions proposed to them as realities by the actually quite insane Abrahamic religions, and the world will then begin moving in a positive upwards direction at that point, back into sattvic consciousness, heading towards actual transcendental spiritual consciousness once again.

The true Lord God does not ever reject even a single soul for all eternity, or send even a single soul to any eternal hell, as no such dimension exists actually, according to Vedic understanding, all other souls being minute eternal expansions of His own Self, actually being comprised of the same quality of substance as He Himself is, and all have perfect personalities once again when re-affined in their original, beginningless eternal transcendental spiritual relationships with the true Lord God in the true transcendental spiritual domain once again, a truth that the jealous and inimical Jews are not at all capable of knowing with their present continually self-deluded attitudes and blinkered belief system.’

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