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Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke claims that fractional reserve requirements, “impose costs and distortions on the banking system,” and instead wants to eliminate minimum reserve requirements. In other words banks should be able to print and lend money without having any on deposit.

These claims are recorded in a footnote to his testimony before the U.S. House of Representatives Committee on Financial Services on February 10, 2010.

His words cause outrage amongst the self appointed media of the Patriot Community, the majority of which is owned and operated by the Jews, as evidenced by their constant promotion of the purchase of gold. They continually harp on about the problem with fiat currency backed by nothing and how we need to return to a gold standard, ignoring the fact that those with the gold will then have the power, which coincidentally are the Jews.

The plan is simple, at some point the bankers will hold their hands up and say, you know, we were wrong, fiat currency doesn’t work, so all your deposits, pensions etc are now worthless, but, you know, we’re ever so sorry. But hey, we’re all suffering as a result, so let’s all work together, let’s come together under a gold standard (ever wondered why in recent years thousands of businesses have sprung up out of nowhere looking to buy up your gold, as tipped off by their local Kehillas no doubt), so we don’t have these problems in the future.

It doesn’t matter what you back up a currency with: fiat money; gold; Cabbage Patch Dolls; or Captain Beefheart albums, what matters is that currency acts not as wealth but as a medium of exchange for the wealth created by the population that are going to use it.

Here’s a controversial statement for all you “Patriots” out there: fiat money is not backed by nothing. Think for yourselves, and stop thinking you’re intellectual because you let blowhards in the so-called Patriot media do your thinking for you. If you’ve ever got a mortgage, you will have had to prove you are worthy of the loan. The bank will assess your: projected income; health; lifestyle, etc and decide whether it is sensible to give you an amount of money now on the basis that they get it back with a whopping amount of interest in the future. As the loan is over a long period unforeseen circumstances could affect the repayment of the loan such as: loss of employment; increased expenditure not anticipated at the time of the loan – the borrower having a family for example; the borrower going off the rails due to drink or drugs, etc. Whatever does happen, whilst at the time the loan is granted with fiat money, that fiat money is backed up by the expected wealth the labour of its’ recipient will produce.

If it was all created out of nothing, there would be no need for banks to restrict lending in times of recession would there, as if they created the money out of nothing and only got only one monthly payment back on a 25 year mortgage it would still be clear profit.

The real scam is not the fiat money red-herring which is being put out surreptitiously to confuse us, it is the fact that all money created is interest bearing loans to banks. This scam would not change with the imposition of a gold standard and it is this scam which the bankers have relied on since their inception. Bankers even tell you that new money is created out of loans, which by definition means that all money created includes interest payable to them, the level of which we are unable to establish, as central banks such as the Federal Reserve refuse to publish their accounts. Until money is created interest free, as a medium of exchange for wealth, not actual wealth, the bankers scam will continue, regardless of whether the money is gold-backed or fiat.

The problem with loaning money to people as a result of their projected labour is twofold, obviously the fact the loan accrues interest and the fact it is based upon projected labour. Money should be issued interest free to people who do labour as they do it. Money was only created to simplify the barter system so if you had a basket of apples and you wanted a basket of pears you didn’t have to walk round all day until you found someone who not only had a basket of pears, but was also prepared to exchange them for your basket of apples.

Hundreds of years ago the Jews corrupted this system by getting control of gold, then gold mines, and forcing governments indebted to them to place their respective currencies on a gold-standard, which funnily enough the Jews had in abundance, whilst pretending it was scarce. This created a shortage of money, forcing the populations to borrow it from the Jews at interest in order to make ends meet. There was always a natural conclusion to this cycle, the Jews obtaining all the wealth from the natives of the countries that they had enslaved to their usurious systems, the people realising they’d been ripped off and confronting the Jews about it (a legitimate confrontation that the Jews prefer to refer to as “persecution”), and the Jews gathering up their ill-gotten gains, fleeing the country and settling in another to repeat the process.

Through their own greed the Jews subsequently abandoned the restrictions of the gold standard (despite owning most of it!), and between ten and fifteen years ago started employing mathematical models designed to see how much money they could loan out to people to make the maximum possible profit. This is why people were taking out mortgages at six or seven times their salary, when up to that point it was generally limited at two and a half. Unfortunately these mathematical models made no provision for people being unable to pay the mortgage back, and once people started losing their jobs and their homes, this increased the number of homes on the market, which dropped the price, which caused speculators to pull out of the market, which further increased the number of homes on the market, which further dropped the price, which led to the banks crashing, which led to the taxpayers propping up these private institutions, which led to people with a brain that operates outside of media indoctrination finally realising who really controls each of the countries in which this taxpayer bailout process has taken place. This is why there’s all this talk of a gold standard, as the Jews greed has collapsed the fiat money system and if they run out of government bailouts they’ll need the option of having something tried and tested to replace it with.

The fiat money process has given the Jews the wealth of the world through their international banking and it is new territory for them. They are in a quandary, they want to own everything, but don’t want to risk the people revolting against them as they have no countries left to run to except their own (which they could not survive in for long as parasites cannot live off parasites), so whilst everything is there for the taking, everything is also there for the losing.

This is why it’s important for them to control all sides of any argument. To those who read the mainstream media the bankers support the fiat system, but I hope you now can see why they are also the authors of the alternative Patriot Community/Ron (Arabs did 9-11) Paul argument as well, when a gold standard would be the most beneficial financial system to them now as and I repeat it will allow them to eradicate all wealth that is not in physical assets or gold which means peoples’ savings, their pensions etc.

There is only one solution, return money to its original usage, as an interest free medium of exchange to facilitate trade between the native peoples of a nation as opposed to an interest bearing instrument of slavery and corruption for the profit of Jewish parasites. Money will technically still be limited, but it will be limited to the only accurate element it can be linked to: the needs of the population that use it, not the greed of the bankers that didn’t even create the wealth in the first place and only exploit it. Countries will run at full production capacity, because every time someone works, they will create money for themselves, and every time they don’t they won’t.

Look out of your window, can you see a job that needs doing? If you’ve got nothing to do, and a road needs resurfacing, a house needs rebuilding, a park needs weeding, a fence need painting, then you should be able to do this and receive remuneration for your labour. This would ensure full employment and the employment being done would be useful rather than a fraudulent so called free market, an example of which is five different mobile phone companies building five different phone networks, to offer the public similar services and prices, because their hidden owners are the same people, who only want to create an illusion of choice in the same way Jews create an illusion of scarcity with their control of the gold and diamond trade.

It is really only one mobile phone company but by setting it up as five the owners maintain the illusion of free market choice in the same way there is only really one political party, which is actually all the mainstream parties that do the bidding of the Jews, but if they set these up in each country as a two party system, who argue incessantly about irrelevant issues whilst maintaining the same fundamental course, the Jews get what they want over and over again whilst the native population have the illusion of choice over and over again.

Going back to full employment this would mean there would only be as much money in circulation as needed by the population, and the more work people do, the more wealth people create. Taxation would no longer be required, as if work needed doing, people would do it, and money would be created to pay those people. That is if indeed taxation is actually required to pay for public services, as opposed to paying interest to the bankers, after all does it not seem odd that the population of the United States were not required to pay income tax to run their public services until 1913, the same year the Federal Reserve was set up?

The reason we have work that needs to be done and people who want to work but cannot find a job, is that whilst the work is there no-one can afford to pay them money to do the work, as money is being diverted to pay interest that finances the extravagant lifestyles of the bankers rather than the needs of the native population which they exploit on a daily basis.

This is why you will not have heard this solution to the economic crisis before. The Jews are scared stiff of leaving their: stock exchanges; law practices; media offices; psychiatric practices, brokerage firms, banking conglomerates, all of which are franchises of the one single Jewish trade – exploitation. They like the current system as it is wrapped up in intrigue that they create, it’s primary purpose is to use the labour of others to create wealth for themselves, and as there are no economists who do not get income one way or another from the banks (that are disguised as being public limited companies by being placed on the stockmarket, although it is the usual suspects who own the majority of them, and hide their ownership through front companies in countries like Switzerland whose secretive banking laws they wrote), or media system (that the Jews overtly control), their risk of exposure is limited to independent authors like myself.

© Andrew Carrington Hitchcock. All Rights Reserved.

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