Remember, and Act, this Sunday November 11: A Special Message from the ITCCS to the listeners of our program Here We Stand

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This Sunday, November 11, as the world celebrates the end of a war that didn’t end any wars, the forgotten child-victims of Christendom cry out for justice from a thousand lonely graves across Canada.
Some of you will confront the churches responsible for their deaths and attempt to detain those responsible. Hopefully all of you will listen to our special Remembrance Day program on Here We Stand, at 3 pm pacific, 6 pm eastern and 11 pm GMT. But each one of you can do this simple act: Print off the attached leaflet and distribute it to the worshipers at your local Catholic, Anglican or United Church as they enter their Sunday services.
The leaflet asks them to sign a Pledge of Non-Cooperation with Genocidal Churches and to stop funding these killers by withholding their offerings.
If you live outside of Canada, distribute the leaflet anyway at your local Catholic or Anglican-Episcopalian Churches. Translate it and share it widely.
Since 2010, from Rome to Vancouver, these kinds of direct actions by our network, aimed at church funding, have put these child killers on the run.
Your action today will save a child’s life tomorrow!
Print off the leaflet here:

The text:

Stop Funding the Child Killers!

Between 1891 and 1996, more than 60,000 children died in “Indian residential schools” legally operated by the Roman Catholic, Anglican and United Church of Canada. The evidence of these crimes has been destroyed and justice has been obstructed by these churches, whose officers continue to harm, traffic and even kill children.

Under the law, anyone who funds or associates with such criminal bodies is an accessory to a crime and may be subject to arrest. THE MORAL AND THE LEGAL THING TO DO IS TO WITHHOLD YOUR SUNDAY OFFERINGS FROM THIS CHURCH. FILL OUT THE PLEDGE FORM BELOW AND LEAVE IT IN THE COLLECTION PLATE.

The evidence of the crimes of these churches can be found .

Pledge of Non-Cooperation with Genocidal Churches

I, _______________________________ , acting in good conscience, do hereby

pledge to disassociate myself from the ____________________________ Church

and to deny it all funding. I am morally and legally compelled to do so because

of this Church’s genocidal murder of many thousands of native children and its

continual cover-up of these deaths: crimes that I refuse to subsidize. This

Church has betrayed and violated the innocent and the laws of God and

humanity, and thereby has forfeited its rights and legitimacy.

_______________________________ ____________________________

Signature Date

Authorized and Witnessed by The International Tribunal of Crimes of Church and State (ITCCS) : /