Lisa I feel the frustration you expressed. Those in my circle of friends and family are completely uninterested plus there is no interest to research for themselves to see if what they believed to be true is in fact true. Instead I see apathy or lukewarmness at best. The book of Revelation speaks about the spirit of the people in the church at Laodecia in the last days as being lukewarm in their knowledge of God. My heart breaks, as yours does, to know the enemy is at the door and that is not an exaggeration. I don’t know what it will take for good Americans to wake up. Someone quoted that a great nation falls when good men (and women) do nothing.


The symbolism is too eerie to be ignored. It’s all about the supposed quantum computing, and the evils of A.I.. It’s the Termintor come to life.
They made that movie only to mock us of what was to come.
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