If PG & E Are Accepting Liability Now It’s Because They Want to Reduce Their Liability By Not Paying Punitive Damages

PG&E NEVER accepts blame, And a time honored tradition during wild fires that are suspect. Now all of the sudden they’re magically assuming possible liability? GTFO.

My Comment:  If PG & E is accepting blame they will want to settle and avoid punitive damages which could be 10 times as much as original damages.  Monsanto  was sued and has to pay almost $80 million to ONE PLAINTIFF!  They have 10s of thousands of lawsuits coming down the pipeline.  They will most likely be sued out of business.  PG & E could be the Albatross for the Rothschild criminal syndicate.  Rothschild Zionist/Khazar Mafia own PG & E and pushing for Agenda 21 which involves returning California to the wilderness.

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