Is Elon Musk a FTM Trannie? and Maye Musk a MTF Trannie?

My Comment: Elon Musk has a more feminine look than Maye Musk….note Maye Musk’s angular jaw, back sloping forehead and creepy, deep set eyes. Totally creepy “woman.” You Don’t Get to Be a 69-Year-Old Model Unless you have Satanic illuminati Zionist (Call Theirselves ‘Jewish’) Connections. Note the Fantastic PR for this previously unknown ‘Model.’ All the Publishing Houses are Owned by the Zionists who call Theirselves ‘Jews.’ As are the Hollywood Movie industry, MODELLING Industry, Politicians & President-ALL ZIONIST OWNED AND CONTROLLED. President Trump is NOT to their liking clearly but he is also owned by Sheldon Adelson to a large degree who is also a ZIONIST but of another faction of Zionists. Guess What? Elon Musk and Maye Musk are also ‘Jews.’ Think this is a coincidence? It’s a tribe and you’re not in it.

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