Global Campaign Against US/NATO Military Bases

Dublin Conference Live Streaming
Begins on November 16th!

Dear Friends,

Live Streaming for the Dublin Conference has been set up.

The YouTube link for it is:

Here are additional links to the Live Streaming for the Conference:
Web Sites:
See the source image

My Comment:  These are all Zionist Occupied Countries :  NATO Members, US; EU Members-Zionists see the human race as cattle;  No problem nuking them.  Zionists Are a Tribe.  The Six Pointed Star is Their Tribal Symbol and NATO is the Zionists’ Creation.  NATO is preparing to launch WW3-People have swallowed the lie of their being ‘peacekeepers’ but warmongers is a more accurate label.  NATO also harbors many child rapists as does the UN ELITE.  See the movie Whistleblower or read the book if you need proof of this-or just look on the internet. The Tribe of Zionists Would Just LOVE For Christian Russia, Christian Europe and Christian United States to annihilate each other.  This Way They will bring in their New World Order under Zionist Tribe Control.  Zionists are Satanic as Christ, the original whistle blower, warned us and paid for it with his life-for this and other reasons.  Do not forget that Satan admitted Earth Was His Kingdom and offered Christ ANYTHING he wanted if Christ would bow down and submit to Satan.  Christ refused.

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