How Israel Doesn’t Want Peace Period!

Israeli Justice minister Shaked– ‘Trump’s peace plan is a waste of time’

by TUT editor

As White House mulls date for publicizing ‘deal of the century,’ Ayelet Shaked warns ‘gap between Palestinians and Israelis much too big to be bridged’

ed note–allow us once again to translate a few items here that otherwise would fly by without the thorough understanding that such items deserve.

When Shaked describes Trump’s UPD as a ‘waste of time’, what she means is as follows–

Israel has no intention, and more importantly, never DID, of living peaceably with the rest of the peoples of the Middle East. The strategy of tension and of constant conflict with neighboring countries is as intrinsic to the proper functioning of the entire ‘Jewish state’ paradigm as the ignition of gasoline is intrinsic to the functioning of a combustion engine. Without this constant tension and conflict, the Jewish state would simply fall apart like a cheap suit.

So what Shaked is really saying is that not only is Trump wasting his time in trying to push forward a ‘peace deal’ due to the fact that Israel will never agree to it, but as well, that Israel will continue–as she has even before the elections in 2016–to utilize all the levers of power she maintains in the ‘Deep State’ and within the JMSM to cause Trump as much grief as possible in either wearing him down to the point he cries ‘uncle’ on his UPD or else is driven from office via either Impeachment or via the provisions of the 25th Amendment.

Please note the sections in red in this piece and consider their relevance to all the recent Jrama involving the (deliberately created) instability within the Netanyahu government and how it has all–BY PURE COINCIDENCE, WE CAN ALL BE SURE–taken place right before Trump is about to push the ‘go’ button on his plans for peace, as much a day late and a dollar short as it all is.

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As Trump readies his Mideast Peace Plan, U.S. Evangelicals choose to put their faith in Netanyahu

by TUT editor

The U.S. president faces a Catch-22 with his ‘deal of the century’: Any plan that includes Israeli concessions could disappoint many of his evangelical supporters, but only a plan with real Israeli concessions has any chance of moving forward

ed note–readers will recall that ‘way back when’ in the aftermath of Trump’s Joo-roo-salem declaration that it was explained here that this maneuver–similar to others Trump made in stimulating the spiritual glands of those suffering from a Fatal Attraction to the Jewish state that these were–at least as Trump viewed them–necessary evils in buying the good will necessary in creasing the skids of his peace deal.

Like it or not, the evangelicals represent the singular largest voting block in America, and for them, nothing–not even America itself–matters more to them than does Israel. In garnering their goodwill then, virtually every move Trump has made from Joo-roo-salem to Bolton to Pompeo to the Iranian nuclear deal has been done with the aim of ‘setting the table’ for his peace deal.

Please note the following–

‘Evangelical leaders such as Pastor John Hagee fought bitterly against the Oslo process in the early 1990s and Israel’s disengagement from Gaza in 2005, as well as against President Barack Obama’s efforts to renew negotiations. During his time in the White House, President Bill Clinton believed that Hagee and other evangelical leaders were coordinating their fight against his peace policies with Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and the Israeli right.’

All can rest assured that this was indeed the case, that Hagee and many others representing the various heads of the Christian Zionist hydra in America were/are not only on the payroll of Israel’s intelligence service, but as well, are kept in line with blackmail-able information about the more ‘intimate’ details of their private lives. What this means is that if Trump is going to succeed in this regard vis a vis his UPD he is going to have to squeeze those same pressure points in gaining their support and cooperation.

It also underscores why there has been so much emphasis placed by organized Jewish interests in pushing the ‘seedier’ attacks on Trump’s character via the JMSM involving alleged trysts with porn stars, as they know that to make Trump the equivalent of a Bill Clinton is the surest way of destroying any evangelical cooperation for his UPD.

What it also means is that if Trump and Netanyahu arrive at a stalemate of sorts in terms of who controls the evangelical base, that Israel is going to have to move laterally to some other area where she maintains better spectrum dominance of the narrative, which means blowing something up–either in Israel or America–that is then blamed on Palestinians angry with Trump over his ‘peace deal’, followed with the incessant ‘SEE??? WE TOLD YA SO…YOU CAN’T REASON WITH THESE PEOPLE…ALL THEY WANT TO DO IS KILL, KILL, KILL…

As we like to say here–‘wait for it, watch for it, cuz’ as sure as s***, it is coming.’Read more of this post

Netanyahu’s response on Trump’s peace plan delay due to early elections in Israel– ‘The only consideration is Israel’s national interest’

by TUT editor

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With looming Israeli elections, Trump may be forced to delay peace plan

by TUT editor


The US president has promised to unveil his proposal by January, but if Israel’s snap poll becomes a reality, that timetable could change

ed note–despite what is now the proverbial ‘no-brainer’ vis a vis the recent political instability in Israel spawned by the ‘cease fire’ with Hamas, nevertheless, amongst those whose claim to fame is studying, analyzing and commenting on the methods, maneuvers and madness of Jewish power these days, there as been no discussion whatsoever of this giant artificial earthquake that has just taken place created for the purpose of stopping Trump from achieving what he intends to do in preventing a maniacal theocratic insane asylum from lighting the fuse on a doomsday weapon that will destroy everything.

As we said in our own recent ed note commentary on this–Mr. President, in the unlikely event you are reading this, we not only advise you, but indeed, IMPLORE you to release the details of this plan immediately before the next Congress goes into session, because once Israel’s agents and assets are in place, you will have little time/energy for anything other than dealing with the thousands of grenades that are going to be thrown your way on a daily basis by those driven to running you out of office.

Sell the deal, show the entire world how only a nutcase (or a nation of nutcases) would refuse it for all the good it contains, and then, when Israel does indeed reject it as she is constitutionally inclined to do, put them in the hotseat and show how it is they and not the Palestinians who are the ones rejecting peace and favoring war. Read more of this post

Lieberman officially submits resignation, holds last defense meetings

by TUT editor

Netanyahu has yet to make decision on whether to comply with Jewish Home ultimatum for defense portfolio or call early elections

ed note–Again, for those a lil’ slow in the ‘political math’ department, let us lay out a few invariables in this that seem to have escaped notice.

Netanyahu did not ‘surrender’ to Hamas. Nor did Hamas ‘beat’ Israel–one of the most powerful and bloodthristy militaries on the planet–with their bottle rockets, their ‘incendiary balloons’ or their ‘terror kites’. Nor has Netanyahu experienced a ‘coming to Jesus’ moment where he has suddenly developed a conscience and decided that the Palestinians are indeed people too and that terrible injustices have been done to them and that these injustices need to stop.

This entire charade–the recognition of which seems to have escaped the understanding of a LOT of ‘experts’ in this ‘muuvmnt’–is all about making sure that Israel is able to continue doing what she does best–steal land and kill people and look justified in doing so.

It is about derailing Trump’s ‘ultimate peace deal’ by destabilizing the present Israeli government so that when it comes time to sit down and negotiate, Israel will not have a ‘functioning’ government to do so. In this way, Israel can escape the obvious censure that would fall on her for outrightly rejecting any negotiations, which means that it is somewhere between probable and definite that some of the details of this pan have been leaked to Israel and–more importantly–that she has come by ‘inside information’ that the Palestinians are preparing to recalibrate their opposition to Trump’s plan and are now–having seen some of the ‘goodies’ that are to come their way in this deal–willing to sit down and negotiate.

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Ishmael’s peace process

by TUT editor

ed note–We post this for 2 reasons–

1. Please note the following from our unesteemed Hebraic author–

‘They (the soldiers of the IDF) know their Bible, the Torah. They are Jewish. It is in their DNA.’

There is it again, that word–


Not Talmud,


Again, we are forced to point this out due to the depressingly high percentage of ‘experts’ who earn their bread and butter by selling to otherwise unsuspecting consumers the snake oil that today’s Jews do not follow the Torah at all, but rather the Talmud, and yet, as anyone will see if they actually bother to read the Israeli press on any given day, that word–TORAH–pops up, again, and again, and again, and again, and again, etc, etc, etc….

2. Next, our deranged Hebraic author asks the following rhetorical–

‘Is this hatred (between Jew and Arab) old? Is it new? It is old and new. They hear Sarah demanding that Abraham send away Ishmael because he is unfit to inherit and because he “mocks my son Isaac.”

Again, anyone believing for a moment that the political (and otherwise) behavior on the part of today’s Jews is ‘secular’ in nature and not based entirely upon the backwards protocols of the insane ‘religion’ they follow and that these backwards protocols do not play a major part in all the unrest taking place today–not only in the Middle East where 2 billion Muslims sit atop the world’s largest reserves of oil, but as well, throughout the West where Jewish interests sit atop the most powerful economies and militaries ever found on God’s green earth–is not as much out to lunch as they are off the reservation.

Now, some will ask–‘Big deal. Another insane Hebrew who believes the ‘fake news’ that has been passed down as a ‘family heirloom’ for the last 6,000 years concerning a rage-driven, screeching, jealous Hebress consigning an Ishmaelite mother and her newborn Ishmaelite baby boy to what was a certain desert-based death sentence rambling on as Jews are wont to do, so what’s the BFD?

Firstly, he is not the only one. He is one of many millions and some of them, such as Nutty Netty, have an arsenal of nukes at their fingertips and who suffer from a Messianic complex that says unless and until the world is incinerated in a ‘burnt offering’ to the angry, violent god of Judea that ‘Moshiac’ will not arrive and with him, the Messianic age where every Jew will be granted 3,000 Gentile slaves for their personal use.

And just in case that last part caught you off guard, yes indeed, that ‘3,000 Gentile slaves’ is the real deal.

Furthermore, there are all sorts of other things that these deranged people believe that–up until that moment of ‘ignition’ where they make good on their ‘light amongst nations’ thing by setting the world on fire that they believe they are also commanded to do in the meantime in making an otherwise Garden of Eden into hell on earth and paradise lost.

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How They Do It– A powerful reminder of the dangers of Trumpian nationalism

by TUT editor

ed note–we’ll spare the readers the usual business of pointing out how the author of this piece, Jennifer Rubin, is a warmongering NeoCon member of Satan’s harem and why the things she writes–along with her fellow NeoCon Herem-ites–is aimed at removing Trump from office before his UPD can be implemented.

Instead, we are going to focus on the piece itself and deconstruct how–irrespective of Trump–what it represents is typical Judaic black magic in advancing the internationalist/Trotsky-ite agenda, of bit-by-bit colonizing the collective mind of Gentildom into thinking that it is in ‘the nations’ best interest to sell their souls and render their political capital towards an internationalist collective that does not work in the interests of individual entities, except of course Israel, which is never pushed into joining any ‘international’ world order, since the ‘plan’ is to have her sitting atop that order as uncontested judge, jury and executioner.

Please note the following from our unesteemed Hebraic author–

‘The commemorations also underscored the magnificent achievement of the post-World War II international liberal order — which prevented any wars of this magnitude, ushered in decades of prosperity and drew bitter enemies in to close alliances.’

Paying particular attention to

‘prevented any wars of this magnitude’

Notice how casually she completely sidesteps the millions that have been killed by the very nations making up this same ‘international liberal order’ in places such as Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, Syria, Gaza, Yemen, Somalia, etc, and for the simple reason that the victims of this giant black mass of human sacrifice was done at the behest of the Jewish State, which of course means that these sacrifices to the Judaic god yahweh were ‘kosher’, no pun intended.

Also note her fawning praise for the poodle of Paris–Macron–who rejects Trump’s ‘noxious nationalism’ and who is quoted saying thus–

‘Patriotism is the exact opposite of nationalism. Nationalism is a betrayal of patriotism. By putting our own interests first, with no regard for others, we erase the very thing that a nation holds dearest, and the thing that keeps it alive: its moral values.’

And just when was the last time that Israel–acting in a ‘cooperative’ manner–chose the interests of others outside her own?

We wont bother delving too deeply into that debate other than with a one-word answer– ‘Never’, a fact that seems to have escaped Rubin’s notice or mention, and for the simple reason that she–as a tentacled member of Judea, Inc is there to advance Israel’s internationalism as called for in the various Judaic prophecies that function as the electrical current driving all Judaic behavior.

And finally, please note Rubin’s faux praise for the ‘brave, selfless men and women serving overseas’ who are only disingenuously characterized as such by Rubin due to whatever efforts they have contributed that have benefited Israel. Rest assured that when Israel blows something up in America as she did on 9/11 but this time, after being caught red-handed and resulting in an American president refusing to go along with the cover-up who then orders air strikes against Tel Aviv, those ‘brave, selfless men and women overseas’ will immediately morph into ‘Nazi Stormtroopers,’ members of the ‘SS’ and ‘Islamic terrorist sympathizers’.

It’s been said here a few times but bears repeating–

Fish swim, birds fly, and Jews lie Read more of this post

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