Holes in the Official Media Billy Milligan Story & There ARE MANY Red Flags! Biggest red flag is the supposed VA giving a $7,000 check Worth Almost $20,000 today! Really???

Official Story:

Did Billy Milligan Kill Michael Pierce Madden?

Billy Milligan’s life had been the subject of intense discussion starting in the late 1970s when he was diagnosed with a multiple personality disorder. Now, a four-hour docuseries on Netflix peeks behind Billy’s mystique. In ‘Monsters Inside: The 24 Faces of Billy Milligan,’ director Olivier Megaton delves into Billy’s eventful life. Sometime in the 1980s, Billy was considered a strong suspect in the disappearance of Michael Pierce Madden. So, let’s find out more about this case then, shall we?

Comment:  If CIA were giving Billy Milligan Money this would be the ideal way to do it-claim he had a joint checking account with a roommate and kept roommate’s funds.

Who Was Michael Pierce Madden?

Michael Pierce Madden was born in October 1953. He was a military veteran and lived in Bellingham, Washington, at the time. The 32-year-old was also a full-time student at the Western Washington University there and was unemployed at the time of his disappearance. His source of income was the disability checks that he received as pension from Veteran Affairs.

Michael was last seen on September 15, 1986, by his landlady. He had returned from vacation just the day before. After not hearing from him for a while, Michael’s father reported him missing on September 17, 1986. As the police investigation took off, they talked to his friends and family to garner more clues. Among them was Christopher Carr, who lived in the same apartment as Michael. Christopher would remain on the authorities’ radar for a long time.

Did Billy Milligan Kill Michael Pierce Madden?

Christopher Carr was a fake name used by Billy Milligan during his time in Washington. Back in July 1986, Billy escaped from a psychiatric hospital, citing fear for his safety. Helped by a friend, he crossed state lines and ended up in Bellingham, where his brother, Jim Morrison, helped him settle in while Billy stayed a fugitive from the law. He lived in an apartment there and stayed in touch with Jim, who lived in Canada.

According to the docuseries, the landlady last saw Michael with Billy on September 15 and claimed that they had been arguing. Furthermore, she said that when the cleaning lady found some of Michael’s things when she visited Billy’s apartment. Billy, who identified himself as Christopher to the authorities, gave inconsistent statements regarding the events that occurred around the time of Michael’s disappearance.

What added to the authorities’ suspicion was Billy’s actions after Michael vanished. He sold Michael’s car just a few days later and claimed that Michael paid for a previous loan with the vehicle. He had also been cashing in Michael’s disability payments through a rented post office box, with one that he cashed on September 18, just three days after Michael was last seen. Billy had also cashed in a $7000 GI Bill check that was for Michael’s education.

In the docuseries, it was stated that the investigation led the authorities to Billy’s cousin’s home, where they found some of his belongings. Among them were two lenses that seemed to match the kind of spectacles Michael used to wear. There was blood on it as well. But DNA analysis was not as prevalent at the time, and since there was no body or any other concrete evidence tying Billy to Michael’s disappearance, he was never charged for it. In the end, the case has remained unsolved all these decades later.

Comment:  I have worked in the Campus Veterans Affairs office before.  To my knowledge NOBODY gets a $7,000 check from the VA especially not back in September, 1986 when the full VA Educational check came to $342 a MONTH.  $7,000 back then would be equivalent to almost $20,000 today!  Since when does the VA just give some Vet a $20,000 Check?  NEVER!!!!!                                                   $7,000 in 1986 = $19,645.22 in 2024.  Just go on the internet and have the  calculator do what $7,000 in 1986 would be worth today!  Furthermore once the roommate quit attending classes his VA checks are supposed to stop.  Also Billy Milligan would have had to FORGE his supposed Roommate’s signature on the title of the car to sell it but was NEVER PROSECUTED Despite him being a MURDER suspect and authorities Knowing he forged a signature and illegally collected money on “roommates” car?  This is Felony Level THEFT and Impersonation.  Fraud and Forgery?  None of these felonies could be prosecuted?  Give me a Break!  Let me tell you what I think was really going on.  For some reason the CABAL did not like the Psychiatrist working with Billy Milligan at Central Ohio Psychiatric Hospital  Dr. David Caul.  I think it was because he wanted Multiple Personality disorder to gain national attention and find a way to FUSE The personalities together into a cohesive whole One Personality.  They wanted Billy Milligan out of his facility and into a Maximum Security Facility.  They sent their Attack Dog Journalists After Billy Milligan to make sure this happened.  Sure enough after Billy Milligan escaped and was recaptured he was incarcerated at a high security Lima. 

These are the crimes Billy Milligan supposedly committed that the authorities in the State of Washington did not want to prosecute:

  • Forging checks
  • Identity Theft
  • Stolen Car
  • Murder of Roommate
  • Grand Theft of $7,000 VA Check of Roommate plus forgery of his signature
  • Identification?  for a FAKE NAME:  CHRISTOPHER CARR

Comment:  Our Jewish media heads DO LIE.  In fact they lie CONSTANTLY.  Nothing about the Billy Milligan story is to be believed.  Especially not about the way he obtained his money.  For all I know he was encouraged to paint and Deep State Operatives may have bought his paintings for huge bucks as the Deep State DOES have this kind of money.  CIA can always come up with fake IDs as they are always getting fake IDs for their Monarch SLAVES who are abused in similar ways (involving rapes and sexual tortures) that Billy Milligan was abused.  Multiple Personality Disorder aka Dissociation is the GOAL for these slaves which the CIA/Military Intelligence strives to keep DISSOCIATED and under Programming CONTROL.  A Person with an intact mind cannot be controlled.


Eventually, Billy’s mother married Chalmers Milligan when Billy was eight years old. Billy later accused his stepfather of raping him, burying him alive, and hanging him by his fingers and toes. However, this was never proven, although it could be a THE reason for Billy’s dissociative identity disorder.

Comment:  The above Horrific tortures are routinely used on children to create mind controlled slaves used by the CIA/Military Intelligence to accomplish deep state objectives such as prostitution, drug dealing, weapons trafficking, etc.  CIA is even using Mind Control to Create Baby Rapers, Mass Shooters, Serial Killers, and Assassins.  (See other posts I have under MKULTRA & Mind Control.) under Project ORION which Bill Cooper Stated was about creating SCHOOL SHOOTERS!

“Dorothy then met Army veteran Chalmer Milligan, who became Billy’s stepfather.”

Comment:  Many CIA Operatives have a military service background.  CIA Operatives known as programmers rape and torture children so their minds split and they develop SPLIT personalities.  This is the Goal.  The splits are then programmed and are called alters given names, programmed to colors, tones, codes, etc.  and their likes & dislikes are often programmed as well.  Many of the splits are like robots who simply do as they are told to do.  Scopolamine and other drugs with Hypnosis & ADRENOCHROME ensure obedience.  Since Mind Control is CLASSIFIED Research it is difficult to find source material other than the Victims accounts in their narratives/books.`



On Dissociative Identity Disorder Formerly Known as Multiple Personality Disorder:




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