Julian Assange: “Intelligent Evil Dust; It’s Everywhere in Everything” Cut Off Air (NanoDust From Chemtrails)


Published on Sep 21, 2018

Huge Announcement coming soon: Subscribe and Share John919 We will be looking at what Julian Assange was talking about as he mentioned “Intelligent Evil Dust” #EvilDust. Please comment, Subscribe and Share: #ProTruth 5G, Nanotechnology and Ai are now working together creating an Intelligent #EvilDust we are forced to breath in. ( Please Share this Video.) 

Walter Winston ONeil5 months ago (edited)My old roommate and dear friend wrote and directed GAMER. Very strange. I also did a episode on Babylon 5 in the mid nineties called “dust to dust” concerning a drug that they put this tech in. Finally I was visited by an entity a few years ago deep in DMT that informed and showed me “the deception permeates everything” also told me this deception was “metal” and “organic”. I actually have theorized this tech has been around for a very long time. They are merely letting us know now. This ties into the new 5G and the chem-trails. Time to activate our superpowers and our connection to SOURCE because things are about to get crazy. This comment he made is why they disappeared and shut down Assange as well as censored Alex Jones. Also why the FBI is going after Elon Musk, because he has been giving us major clues of this deception. Lets make our spirit manifest in our flesh. It may be our only chance. Thanks Rex and Jeff!

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