Gay Sadist Jeffrey Dahmer Complete Malignant Narcissist & Suspected Satanist-WORST Serial Killers Are Gay!

My Comment:  No memory means alcoholic blackout or possession.  His father was an analytical chemist (High I.Q.)

140-149 — Intelligent

Capable of rational communication and scientific work. From this range on, only specific high-range tests should be considered. Important scientific discoveries and advancement are possible from the upper part of this range on.

We do not know if intelligence from about this range on is simply the extreme end of a normal distribution centred at 100 and largely formed by heredity, or if high intelligence in some cases has other causes (non-inherited or non-genetic) which make it deviate from the normal curve centred at 100 and form a “bump” in the far right tail, similar to the bump in the retarded range (which has non-inherited and non-genetic causes). And since we possess no physical, absolute scale of intelligence, these questions are hitherto meaningless altogether.

About one in two high-range test candidates score I.Q. 140 or higher

Comment:  Dahmer is like a Dr. Lecter.


JEFFREY DAHMER : Devil-formed Man, you have to read this!


JEFFREY DAHMER : Devil-formed Man, you have to read this!

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When I was searching through the Internet for infamous killers, I found this one article about the top 10 notorious killers.. I decided to write about this guy first (Maybe the others later) well, simply because I find this guy as UTTERLY MAKING ME SICK.. For those who do not know who’s this devil is.. his name is JEFFREY LIONEL DAHMER.. and for those who doesn’t care for what he did, just like when I saw his name for the first time, here is why you should read this…

   He’s an American sex offender and a notorious serial killer..

yeah.. I’ve seen worst than that…

He murdered 17 men and boys in his years of killing

Yupp.. I’ve heard someone did a lot worse…

and he’s a necrophilia.. yeah, for those who don’t really care what this fancy word means and are lazy enough to look it up in the dictionary (like me), I asked my brilliant uncle like always, Uncle Google. And he told me; “Necrophilia is a SEXUAL ATTRACTION TOWARDS CORPSES..”


Let me ask you guys, a SIMPLE QUESTION..

Who would like to have a sexual affair with a DEAD body??

Who voted the first and third choice.. you guys really need to go to a mental hospital… and to those who voted second choice, CONGRATULATIONS! You are still a human..

We are not finish yet.. Dahmer also dismembered his victims.. Again, I’m not that dictionary guy, so uncle Google told me;“dismembering is the removal of limbs.. or body parts..” Which means, this Jeffrey guy cut his victims into pieces!!

So.. imagine cutting chicken…                                    but, instead of chicken.. A real human!!BaUePxmY



I know…  It’s really creepy and disgusting at the same time…







and kept some of the pieces as a trophy.. some of us might get trophy for sports or any kinds of competition… he kept human body parts!! Especially the skull and male genitals! (Male reproductive organs)

The actual penis, head and hands..

The actual penis, head and hands..

A skull








and the last thing is.. he also engaged CANNIBALISM… So, wait.. he have sex with the dead body, cut it into pieces and EAT IT??  

EXACTLY! A+ for that!

Also an addition to that, He tried various seasonings and meat tenderizers to make the human flesh more tasty. Eating human flesh gave him an erection. His famous freezer contained strips of frozen human flesh. He had tried human blood too, but it did not appeal to his taste buds.

So.. blood does not appeal your tastes bud. Then you clearly failed to be one of the Cullens…

But, you like eating flesh?? Then, sign up to…

Holocaust Cannibal Family album

download (3)

His cook book?? probably??

images (1)

Imagine hands and feet as nuggets and chicken wings.. that’s delicious.. I guess..

Okay… I know right?? It’s.. he’s SICK!








Dahmer’s first ever victim is a guy named Steven Hicks, a hitchhiker. This occurred when Dahmer was still living with his parents in the  upscale community of Bath, Ohio. They drank beer and had sex, but, when Hicks wanted to leave, Dahmer just did not want him to do so. So you know what he did? He killed him by striking BARBELL on Hicks’ head! He got rid of the body by cutting the dead body, packaged the pieces and buried in the woods behind his house. After a couple of years, he dug up the remains of the dead body, pounded it with a sledgehammer and disperse the pieces in the woods.

Few years later, while living with his grandmother at West Allis, Wisconsin, he killed his second victim named Steven Toumi,

Steven Toumi

Steven Toumi

in September 1987 in a hotel room. They met at a popular gay bars and they had been drinking heavily that night. Too drunk, Jeffrey didn’t even remembered how he killed the guy, but when he woke up, Toumi is dead and blood was on his mouth. So, he bought a large suitcase and stuffed Toumi and took the dead body into his grandmother’s basement where he had sex with it, masturbated in it, dismembered it and threw the pieces into the garbage.

download (6)

Jamie Doxtator

Severals months after that, he chose his next victim, Jamie Doxtator, a 14-year-old Native American. He was hanging outside a gay bar. By that time, it’s more likely to say that Dahmer has reached the “professional” level of killing. He established his method of killing his victims by first, offering money to the guys to pose for a picture or to simply enjoy beers and videos. After that,

“He strangle them to death, masturbate on it or have sex with the dead body SEVERAL TIMES, cut it into pieces, and get rid of the body…”

He practiced this method on a handsome Mexican men named Richard Guerrero and no, I’m pretty sure that he’s not related to the late Eddie Guerrero…

The late Eddie Guerrero

The late Eddie Guerrero

Richard Guerrero

Richard Guerrero

Several months later, Jeffrey was arrested for child sexual exploitation and second-degree sexual assault. He was pleaded guilty, although he claimed that he thought that the boy was much older than he was.. yeah right… While waiting for his sentencing, he met a 24 year-old black homosexual named Anthony Sears, and as usual, he drugged the guy, strangled him and had sex with the dead body before dismembering the body and threw the pieces away!

 Okay, you know what, this guy is plain creepy! Just reading his story, I felt like I met satan, but in the human form. Like seriously! Wait, I forgot this one teeny-tiny detail about this case, oh yeah! It’s the fact that he…

“Kept the skull as as a souvenir! He boiled the skull, remove the skin and painted it grey.. so it looks like a skull for a medical student! and.. he masturbate in front of the skull for gratification…”

yeah masturbation pretty much mentioned, because that’s pretty much what he did… A lot! Okay, I don’t really want to sound all pervert-ish or all, but how can you be “pleasuring” yourself while looking at a real-dead-skull? People are aroused looking at something… just something else, he’s turned on by a corpse? He’s totally qualified to be the husband in THE CORPSE BRIDE!

I finally met the one…

When in court, he managed to pull out a Marvelous performance and triumphantly and the judge fell for it.. He said :

 “..Please give me a chance to show that I can, that I can tread the straight and narrow and not get involved in any situation like this ever again… This enticing a child was the climax of my idiocy… I do want help. I do want to turn my life around.”jeffrey-dahmer-406

That is being said by the same guy who had raped, dismembered and scattered the remains of several guys.. which is still unknown by that time..

Okay.. I don’t really want to turn my blog into a journal, so if you want to read the whole story, check out

You’ll be amazed and startle by his story, I guess..

Here some highlights I think is’s actually loathing, so prepare a bucket or plastic to vomit in..

When Jeffrey is a kid, he actually used to kill animals and peel the animals to “see” what’s inside of the animals anatomy looks like. *This isn’t his activity pictures, don’t get a wrong idea*

images (2)images (3)








So.. I guess the skills and curiosity developed over the years??

His apartment, (213, 924 North 25th street) smelled so bad because..

He put some of his victims decomposing bodies, inside his house…

Put something like this in your house might be a good idea sometimes, I guess..

Put something like this in your house might be a good idea sometimes, I guess..


He’s mostly infamous by his Fridge. Well, it’s not that bizarre or anything, it’s just that, in his fridge, instead of having….

download (7)

Ice cream

download (8)

Chicken meat








Meanwhile, he has….


download (5)

Delightful hand


Delicious heads of handsome men

download (4)

Savory feet

download (2)

well, probably a lot of luscious human..He has………….
















He also had his disturbing sexual fantasies with a soulless body since he was 14 years old!!

yeah.. I’m really turned on by watching this corpse above…


However, in the end, he was killed by an inmate where he was imprisoned… That’s the end.


Perry Weiss

Cocoa, FL

#6 Apr 30, 2013

Did you know John Wilkes Booth was Jewish?

McKinleys murderer was Jewish

Kennedy was killed by Jews

Jack Rubenstein murdered Oswald and now his sister is a judge.

Its neverending folks. It goes all the way back to Cain and not one priest will say a word since Fr Coughlin.


Dahmer sounds like a Jewish name.

Levi Aaron

United States


#3 Apr 26, 2013
sceptic10 wrote:
This list is highly inaccurate, Ed Gein was raised his mother.
Mrs Gein was extremely Christian to the point where the only words to be spoken in the Gein house hold where the ones of a vengeful and judgmental god.
As for John W. Gacy Jr, the proof is in the name, granted his family was of polish descent but he also grew up in Chicago Illinois.
The windy city is know to have the highest population of polish catholics in the nation for more than a century.

If you want to move to the Jew state you have to prove you are a Jew racially not religiously. Most Jews are atheists and Jews can be Christians, Muslims, Buddhists, Hindu, it does not matter. What you Jews are trying to do is interchange words as if you can make the word “Jew” into whatever you want.

Well that doesn’t work with me. John Kerry is a Jew and a Catholic, Cardinal Lustiger was a Jew and a Catholic Cardinal. Do I trust either one of these, no I don’t, but it is proof you can be both. A Jew is a mixed mongrel seed line, anything but a pure race. If you put any mixed people together they will all eventually look alike, but never be a pure race the way God created them. If a Jew and a white have a child, the child is a Jew and no longer white and will never return as a white.

I could give you a good education on this, but frankly you cant get an education on the truth because you would end up right back in the ghetto or even hell itself.

Most if not all serial killers are Jews. In fact Jesus Christ himself said that Jews (Judeans) were responsible for all the righteous blood spilled from Abel to his present time (Zachariah) and I believe him. That’s  over 4000 years. 2000 more is only half as hard to believe.


Jewish Serial Murderers (short list)

Leopoldand Loeb

Apopka, FL


#1 Jun 19, 2012
Jack The Ripper
Nathaniel Bar-Jonah
Ed Gein
Joel Rifkin
Harold Shipman
Rodney Alcala
Herb Baumeister
Harvey Glatman
David Berkowitz
John Wayne Gacy
Albert DeSalvo
Charles Cohen
Jeffrey Dahmer
Peter Kudzinowski
Tillie Klimek
Henry Lee Lucas
Charles Schmid
Robert Shulman
Efren Saldivar
Leopold and Loeb
Randall Woodfield
Louis Fine
George Sack
Alfred Leonard Cline
Louis Neu
Ralph Jerome Selz
Edward Simon Wein
Harvey Murray Glatman
Robert Zarinsky
James Koedatich
Ralph Nuss
Gloria Tannenbaum
Milton Niport
Bertram Greenberg
Joseph Kallinger
William Rothstein
Joseph Fischer
Brian Kevin Rosenfeld
Robert Durst
Steven Oken
Nathan Trupp
Charles Mark Cohen
Jeffrey Feltner
Philip Carl Jablonski
Edward Isadore Savitz
Robert Shulman
Eyal Shachar
Salomon Rosenbloom
Norman Parker
James Eric Gottfried
Andrei Chikatilo


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