The Unhived Mind: British-ZIO-Empire Plot to Demonize Russia Ready For British Chemical Attack on Syria (The Real ‘Russian Mafia’ is Talmudic Claiming to be “JEWS”)



By The Unhived Mind – 5th September 2018 – In relation to this article


I just knew the British (Talmudic-run since the 15th Century) would kick off further nonsense tied in with their MI5-led Skripal fantasy game. The British plot to execute a chemical attack false-flag (just as the British did in Douma) was exposed by Russia and so now Russia has to be further demonized and tied in again with a false Vauxhall Cross-led chemical attack staged event in Salisbury. Why? This is so the social engineering has a enough time to grip the British goyim via their television set ready for the coming fake chemical attack on Syria. When Russia complains about the attack and exposes the truth then the Zio-West will ramp up the Skripal lies and say why listen to Russia when we claim Russia used ‘chemical weapon’ Novichok (most likely Fentanyl the synthetic opioid). These are also methods of trying to get the British goyim and the Western colonies on side for a coming global conflict with Russia to prevent a multipolar win-win no-war world (BRICS/New Silk Road). Today we’ve just heard at the press conference from the feminine involved with the British health and she claimed Novichok is hard to spread and then she made out as if Novichok is weak whilst forgetting that the real Novichok (able to be made in Czech, UK, US and many other nations) takes only one drop to kill at least ten or more people. How did these Russians administer and survive this so-called Novichok agent? Did the suspects walk around in Hazmat suits? Why did they choose a target location right near the Defence Science and Technology Laboratory and the Porton Down chemical weapons facilities in Britain?

Let me remind you that Seymour Hersh spoke about the so-called Russian Mafiya being involved in this Skripal set-up job. The so-called Russian Mafiya isn’t the Russian Government and instead they’re just made up of Russian and Israeli citizens who are criminals but of course the British and Zio-West will not explain this and instead try to imply that this is the Russian Government. The Police Commissioner Neil Basu has admitted that so-far there’s no evidence of Russian state involvement. This Basu also came out with the nonsense that we need the public who witnessed anything to help us determine if the Russian state is involved. Now is this Basu for real? The public witnesses will determine if these suspects are Russian Government connected? This must be a joke of a comment and believe me British intelligence know how many carrots you’ve had for your dinner via your excrement when it comes to intelligence and data. Please don’t be fooled that these intelligence groups in the West are lapse and cannot find individuals etc, they know everything you can possibly imagine. Go and talk to those who’ve been targets of the intelligence services and then you’ll soon realize how in depth the services really are and thus you’ll see through many of these false flags.

This so-called Russian Mafiya is in fact run and headed in Israel by the Talmudic devils who claim to be Jews.

I will also remind you that the Soviet Union (funded by Wall Street the satellite of the City of London) was Talmudic-run and stemmed from the Talmudic destruction of Russia using Talmudic Bolsheviks who killed over sixty-six million plus Russian Christians during the Revolution in the early 20th Century. What happened to the seven suspects that the British were claiming at one point many weeks ago? Now the suspect figure has suddenly dropped to just two?  Notice the timing of this event where by all the photographs, timelines are all ready for public show on the same day that shabbos goy Theresa May is in the sham (apart from Wednesday’s then no one is at the Parliament due to it being impotent under the European Union dictatorship also run behind the scenes by Chatham House via the IIEA in Dublin, Ireland) Parliament.  Theresa May then slips up and gives out even more false information this time claiming the two Russians are part of the Spetsnaz GRU whilst Basu who’s involved with the Police investigation admitted there’s zero evidence of Russian state involvement.  The British have timed this event in many ways and all for the reasons I’ve previously said and to achieve maximum public exposure in order to embed the lies as fact.  You now have warhawk idiots like John Woodcock calling again for Article V of NATO to be used and a conflict against Russia even though Russia could destroy NATO in as little as four hours. 

This British sickness is a Talmudic sickness which will destroy the planet.

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