The War Against Christians is Obvious in the Abortions Crusades; Even This Methodist Pastor is Compromised-See ‘Illuminati Infiltration of Christianity’ at Bottom of This Page Pro-Life News Report

Thursday, September 6, 2018

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 Methodist Pastor Uses Bible Verse to Defend Forcing Christians to Fund Abortions

 Republican Susan Collins Still Unsure if She Will Support Brett Kavanaugh Because of Abortion
 Brett Kavanaugh Refuses to Say Illegal Immigrants Have a Right to Abortion
 Actress Alyssa Milano Trashes Brett Kavanaugh and Promotes Abortion, Claims Americans Love Roe v. Wade

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 Planned Parenthood President: Abortion Gives Women “An Equal Seat at Life’s Table”
 Abortion Activist Sarah Silverman: “We’re All Human Except for Fetuses, According to Science”
 Abortion Activists Oppose Kavanaugh by Celebrating Their Abortions
 Head of Pro-Abortion Women’s March Makes Absurd Claim Kavanaugh Will Take Away Women’s Right to Vote
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