Pro Abortion Zionists Determined to Take Anti-Abortion Brett Kavanaugh Down! Pro-Life News Report

Wednesday, September 5, 2018

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Top Stories
 Brett Kavanaugh Refuses to Say There is a So-Called “Right” to Abortion
 Diane Feinstein Falsely Claims Millions of Women Died From Illegal Abortions. Here’s the Truth
 Kavanaugh Refuses to Promise to Never Overturn Roe v. Wade Case Allowing Abortions Up to Birth
 Hillary Clinton Attacks Brett Kavanaugh on Abortion: “He Will Overturn Roe v. Wade”

More Pro-Life News
 Abortion Activists Caught Getting Paid to Disrupt Kavanaugh Supreme Court Hearings
 Planned Parenthood Will Spend $20 Million on Pro-Abortion Candidates Trying to Take Over the Senate
 Brett Kavanaugh Defends Ruling That Trump Admin Did Not Have to Help Illegal Immigrant Get Abortion
 Planned Parenthood Launches New Ads Trashing Brett Kavanaugh, Will “Fight Like Hell” to Stop Him
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