Whistleblower Exposing Vatican Pedophilia Flees Fearing For His Life

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A ‘Briefing Binder’ for the lobby representing the Dairy Farmers of Canada found after the Conservative Party’s national convention in Halifax reveals the lengths a lobby group will go to in order to quash legislation that goes against their agenda.

When working by ourselves, the Zen koan, ‘What, in this present moment, is lacking?’ can be helpful to ponder.

The high-ranking Vatican Official, Carlo Maria Vigano, who recently blew the whistle on Pope Francis’ involvement in the cover-up of sexual abuse crimes, is apparently fleeing the country in fear for his life.

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Joe discusses the ever important subject of evolving media and the various blind spots we have when looking at current affairs and spirituality. The world of media is in desperate need of a shift in media, and it’s here.

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