What the UN Doesn’t Want You to Know-They Are For a One World Gov’t or NWO! Warning!

What the UN Doesn’t Want You to Know

Written by   Wednesday, 01 August 2018 20:00

What the UN Doesn’t Want You to Know

Since its existence, the United Nations has declared war on national sovereignty, self-government, morality, and freedom! Even worse, it’s a war that pledges to leave no one behind if the Deep State succeeds. For those of us that are for self-government, free markets, and the U.S. Constitution, we would almost certainly wish that the UN would leave us behind. “World peace” continues to be the excuse used to justify its existence, but what is its real purpose? And what does it have to hide?

First off, it is plagued with an unruly amount of scandals. In the past decades, estimates suggest 60,000 victims (women and children) were raped by the United Nations “peacekeeping” troops and almost none have been held accountable for their actions. Unfortunately this is a common situation for the UN, as their crimes are swept under the rug. With unaccusable sexual abuse and harassment occurring even within the UN’s own employees, it’s not a shock that the United Nations wants to keep it quiet.
It aims to disarm everyone but itself. The United Nations aims to use the global gun control agreement to create a massive database of all gun owners, manufacturers, and dealers to enable the UN to seize and stockpile the formerly privately owned weapons. What does this mean for freedom? There would be no way to resist the overpowering tyranny. It would leave only the UN troops, national armed forces, and state and local policemen to have guns, leaving civilians defenseless. Second Amendment supporters would have no say in defending their right to protect themselves and the UN would easily secure ultimate authority.
It wants to rule over the land, sea, and air. The UN Sustainable Development Goals, also known as Agenda 2030, consist of objectives to combat “climate change” and sustainably use the oceans, seas, marine resources, and forests. Their viewpoint is that climate change emissions affect people everywhere, which reinforces the need for one entity to solve all of these problems. This would consist of taking control of our rainwater, drinking water, food, and even the air we breathe. Top globalists are labelling it as the “Great Leap Forward.” Intentionally leaving out any mention of God, the UN refers to the planet as Mother Earth and aims to claim the role of saving the future of humanity.
Ultimately, its real purpose is to create a single world government. Under the United Nations, the United States would be submerged under the control of international authorities. The UN plan for the planet would strip us of our liberties as everyone would become “global citizens,” and be forced to pledge allegiance to the “Parliament for Humanity.” The UN Charter would sabotage the Declaration of Independence and the U.S. Constitution, as well as obliterate our God-given rights. Without consent, and for “humanity’s own good,” our independence would be destroyed and enslavement under the United Nations would be our new reality.
Unless … we make a stand against this atrocity today! Millions still need to be educated on this topic before it’s too late! One great tool that you can use to educate others is The New American magazine that has an editorial view guided by the U.S. Constitution and not the UN Charter. Our Deep State Special Report is ideal to share because it hones in on the topic of those behind the scenes working to build this world government. Stay tuned for our upcoming brand new Special Issue focused on the actions the Deep State is taking to further their agenda.
Are you ready to take a stand against the United Nations? Get in contact with your local coordinator today to find out what you can do to help!
Not a member yet? Join other like-minded individuals to preserve America’s freedom foundation. You’ll soon realize that you’re not alone in this undertaking!
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