NATO to Build 1st Air Base in Western Balkans in Albania

by TUT editor


ED-NOTE – About 3 weeks ago, President Trump questioned “the Core of NATO as a ‘Mutual Self-Defense’ alliance” and, out of all the NATO countries he could have named to make his point, he chose a tiny state which most people could not even place on a map: Montenegro. Montenegro was carefully singled out for at least 2 reasons. In the ED-NOTE accompanying that article, we wrote

“all can rest assured that Trump and Carlson chosing Montenegro as the hypothetical flashpoint for WWIII was/is due to the fact that it is so geographically close to Sarajevo, where after the assassination of Austrian Archduke Ferdinand and his wife Sophia and due to the alliances (like NATO) that existed at the time, served as the ignition switch for WWI a century ago.”

And the other question we need ask and answer is why did he choose to name Montenegro, a predominantly Christian country, and not Albania, a predominantly Muslim country when he must have already known about NATO’s plans to open an airbase in Albania? Could it be to prevent the usual and combined screeching of  Judea and the worryingly gullible and easy (too easy) to manipulate Muslim community who would have joined forces to attack what would have been described an obvious and blatant act of Islamophobia? It is very ominous to say the least that NATO would decide to open its first airbase in a Muslim Balkan state. To quote President Trump on Montenegro: “They have very aggressive people. They may get aggressive, and congratulations, you’re in World War III, now I understand that — but that’s the way it was set up.”

Clash of civilization and WWIII all in one, is that the way it is set up? CONTINUE READING

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