Satanyahu Warns Israel’s Foes That They ‘Risk Ruin’ At Dimona Nuclear Reactor; Hey American Media Where ARE YOU???

At Dimona nuclear reactor, Netanyahu warns Israel’s foes that they ‘risk ruin’

by TUT editor

ed note–doubtless (and sad to say as well) those who even bother to read the details of just what Nutty Netty said will understand it only for its superficialities while missing entirely its secondary and tertiary implications.

Recall a few years ago that heady moment when Netanyahu stood on the floor of the UN General Assembly and wielded his now-infamous ‘bomb cartoon’ and the reaction that resulted around the world. Almost in its entirety–minus a few websites and blogs of relatively little concern--the general reaction was mirth, merriment and ridicule without understanding that what Netanyahu was actually doing was threatening every single country in the world with nuclear annihilation if the Jewish state did not get everything she demanded.

Likewise with his latest visit to Dimona. Yes, yes, he was threatening Iran and the ‘Ay-rabs’, but that was not all.

He was also threatening the West (Rome) and especially Trump vis a vis his proposed ‘ultimate peace deal’, as well as making the veiled threat of Trump’s assassination by choosing Dimona as the place from which to make these threatening remarks, as it was that particular issue–opening up Dimona to inspection–that resulted in Israel’s assassination of John F. Kennedy as expertly explained in Michael Collins Piper’s book Final Judgment.

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