How the Judeans Do It: Oopsies

How They Do It– ‘What Is Trump Getting for Sucking Up to Saudi Arabia?’

by TUT editor

In our 65-plus years of experience working on U.S. Middle East policy, we’ve never seen anything like the Trump administration’s willingness to prostitute American interests to Saudi Arabia.

ed note–What can be said, other than Gaaawd…Only 2 Hebrews could come up with such in-your-face hypocrisy.

‘Sucking up’?

‘Prostituting American Interests’?


When was the last time Saudi Arabia’s King received not just A standing ovation, but 38 of them as took place here–

When was the last time SA received $40 billion check from Uncle Sam with no strings attached?

When was the last time a gaggle of Saudi spies were arrested by the FBI after being seen cheering at some act of terrorism that took place in the US?

They don’t call it ‘Chutzpah’ for nothing and the Jews do it better than anyone, because–just like ‘conversion by the sword’ and religiously commanded invasion and conquest–they invented it.

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