Iran’s Foreign Minister Says ‘No One Trusts America’ Anymore

Iran’s foreign minister says ‘no one trusts America’ anymore

by TUT editor

Zarif claims Washington ‘has zigzagged constantly’ and that the world is now taking Iran’s side

ed note–The Iranian FM is 100+% correct and no one blames the Iranians for maintaining their mistrustful posture towards Trump’s overtures.

However, and if this little ed note commentary happens to land on your desk, Honorable Mr. Zarif, please allow us to offer a mere 2 cents worth of counsel.

If Trump wants to talk, then talk to him. No one is going to be harmed by talking. Can you trust him? I don’t know. He is not in control of his own government, the Jews and their allies are.

At the same time however, as you must already know, being a very educated and intelligent man, what is taking place right now vis a vis Iran’s refusal to meet with Trump and parlay is EXACTLY the kind of background scenery that Israel needs in order to make the brain-dead American people believe that ‘Iran did it’ in the aftermath of something catastrophic taking place such as an American ship being attacked in the Persian gulf or a bomb going off in an American city, at which point, Trump will have little room to maneuver politically and his hand will be forced in ‘doing something’ along the lines of what he was forced to do in bombing the 2 Syrian airfields.

So, we beg you, Honorable Mr. Zarif, prove the Jews wrong in all the lies they peddle about you. Meet with Trump and talk to him, you may be surprised with what happens afterwards. Read more of this post


How They Do It– Experts warn Iran could answer US sanctions with cyberattacks

by TUT editor

Analysts say Iranians impersonate Israeli and Western security websites to harvest log-in details; office of Director of National Intelligence declines to comment on threat

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Seeking ‘World Peace,’ Trump says US won’t trade with those who trade with Iran

by TUT editor

Saying he’s reimposed ‘most biting sanctions ever’ on Islamic Republic, US president tweets: ‘I am asking for WORLD PEACE, nothing less!’

ed note–for all those reacting reflexively to Trump’s pulling out of the JCPOA and subsequent re-imposition of sanctions on Iran, remember that the JCPOA was in and of itself created as an instrument by which war and regime change  would take place, and nothing more. Trump knew this to be the case and this is the reason he has pulled out of the subversive agreement.

Please note the following–

1. He has said he is open to re-negotiating with Iran.

2. He has said he is open to meeting with Rouhani and the Iranian government.

At the same time however, he understands that Iran and her (justifiably) bellicose posture towards the Zionist entity threatens to send the cockroaches presently residing in the roach motel known as the Jewish state back to Europe, the West, and America, something which Trump and the Anglo-Capitalist elite do not want. Israel was created as a garbage dump where the worst elements of Western Jewry could go so that the West could get a little peace and quiet. They do not want these elements with their violent, backwards behavior returning to the West and starting up anew all the turmoil and problems that began after 70 AD.

THIS is the reason that Trump is a ‘Zionist’ and why he pledges to ‘protect’ Israel, and therefore why he wants to renegotiate the deal with Iran that would have as part of said agreement a dialing down of tensions that right now are only further empowering Israel’s case as the poor, persecuted victim and which inches the entire region (and the world in general) closer to war. Read more of this post

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