70,000 Horrific Murders Of SA White Farmers And….

70,000 Horrific Murders Of SA White Farmers And … – Rense

70,000 Horrific Murders Of SA White … A large majority of Farmer murders in South Africa were NOT committed by strangers, … They aren’t Farmers, …


ANC-regime ignores trauma of Somali ex-captives

ANC regime ignores trauma suffered by Somali captives Debbie Maritz and Bruno Pelizzari

– Their Somali captors ‘abused the captured Afrikaner Christian woman while the couple were held captive from  Oct 26 2010 to June 21 2012

Nothing illustrates the ANC-regime’s lack of compassion towards its 3,4

South African Farm Murders Are Real, Not Fantasy

Image: South African Farm Murders Are Real, Not FantasySee the source image
A farmer in Settlers, South Africa. (Reuters)

By David A. Patten    |   Friday, 24 August 2018 10:22 AM

Dr Duke & Mark Collett Expose the Zio Crucifixion of Donald Trump & White Genocide in South Africa!

Dr Duke & Eric Striker: The Zio Media Murder of Molly Tibbetts & Trump Dares to Defend White South Africans from Racist Murder, Dispossession and Ethnic Cleansing!

DownloadToday Dr. Duke and British author and activist Mark Collett had a discussion of the need to defend President Trump, for all his faults, from the Jewish attack on him. They also went into the genocide of whites in South Africa, which is being supported by the Zio establishment.

Listen to the show for the full story.

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There are growing indications that anti-white retribution, including the cold-blooded murders of white farmers in South Africa that may or may not be racially motivated, is having an international political and humanitarian impact.

The media Thursday was quick to jump on President Donald Trump’s claim of “large-scale killing of farmers.” The backlash came following Trump’s directive to Secretary of State Mike Pompeo to “closely study the South Africa land and farm seizures and expropriations and the large-scale killing of farmers.”

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Read Newsmax: South African Farm Murders Are Real, Not Fantasy | Newsmax.com
Urgent: Do you approve of Pres. Trump? Vote Here in Poll

Court orders 300 homeless Afrikaners to crime-ridden township

Video: Cruel court order forcibly removes 300 homeless Afrikaners to a rubbish-tip without clean water or schools – in high-crime Muncieville

Afrikaans story on http://krugersdorpnews.co.za/239694/video-hof-beslis-wit-plakkers-moet-uit/

What the court-order entails is that 122 very poor white fami

Child murders soar in S-Africa

Murdered South African children are shot, stabbed, torched, hacked with machetes, bludgeoned with knobkieries, girl-babies are abandoned and toddlers die from sexual-abuse…

Peek inside deserted nuclear bomb-factory where 100 Boers built the Bomb

Hatecrime-murders of whites by blacks in South Africa 2014 and 2013

Hatecrime-murders of whites by blacks in South Africa 2014 and 2013

Race Relations Institute blames ANC racist laws for babies dying of cholera

Murderer Robert McBride’s killer-bomb exploded 28 years ago

Afrikaners lament: ‘our children just go missing’ …

Afrikaners lament: ‘our children just go missing’ …

Boers are dying in camps – again

2014: black-racist murders of whites: Jan, Feb and March

Free State agricultural towns under siege by black militant gangs

SA catalytic converter industry dying despite platinum wealth

SA’s huge TB-infection pool targets of top test-labs


SA’s huge TB-infection pool targets of top test-labs

In a promising Swedish study, sixteen of the 30 MDR-TB trial-patients, treated with  their own bone-marrow stem cells together with the usual tuberculosis-antibiotics,  were cured of multi-drug resistant TB – the bacterial disease now has a mortality rate of up to 80% in patients treated with antibi

Murder-rape of Jasmine Pretorius 4: angry protestors storm police van

The usually so peaceful Afrikaner community clearly wanted to kill the suspected murderer of 4-year-old Jasmine Pretorius when the 23-year-old uncle, face and jacket covered in blood, appeared in Brakpan magistrate’s court on Monday December 30 2013. The case was postponed to January 7 2014.

ANC mob killer was deaf-signer at Mandela funeral

FoxNews: Dec 16 2013 – The bogus sign language interpreter Thamsanqa Jantjie —  at last week’s Nelson Mandela memorial service — was among a group of killers who accosted two men and burned them to death with the cruel necklacing-method  according to family members and friends. (ANP reports).

November 2013 murders of whites in SA

Why torture someone for a cellphone?

Why everyone should support the Afrikaner struggle

South Africa sinking into sadistic apocalypse

Afrikaner Genocide Denialists On Record

Oct 2013 hate-murders of minorities by blacks in SA

Oct 2013 murders of whites by blacks in SA

Oct 1 to Oct 21 2013 murders of whites by blacks in SA

How do poor Afrikaners survive in SA?

How much land is REALLY owned by SA state?

ANC wages war on Afrikaans children

ANC wages war against Afrikaans children


Jan-Oct 2013 Whites 2013 murder toll by black attackers SA

The number of White South Africans murdered by blacks  in hatecrimes from Jan 1 2013 to October 3 2013

January 2013                                    20  Murdered.

February 2013                                  13  Murdered.

March:                                               10  Murdered.

Jan-Sept 2013 Whites 2013 murder toll by black attackers SA

The number of White South Africans murdered by blacks  from Jan 1 2013 to Sept 28 2013

January 2013                                   20  Murdered.

February 2013                                   13  Murdered.

March:                                                10  Murdered.

Sept 2013 murders by blacks of whites in ZAR

September 2013 Hatecrime Murders Against Whites In South Africa as follows:

1.  Murders by black-racists against whites 2.

Who assassinated Robert & Jeanne-Cora Smit in 1977?

The man the Afrikaans daily ‘Beeld’ once named as the police’s “chief suspect” in the 1977 murders of National Party politician Robert Smit and wife Jeanne-Cora in Springs, explains who he believes was in fact responsible…

557 whites killed since 1993 in multiple-family murders by blacks: SA

282 cases totaling 557 murdered white South Africans, (details below)  killed in ‘multiple murders’  during attacks against same white family-members and/or partners:   tortured, raped, killed by *unknown black or coloured males since Jan 1993 – Aug 2013:  (*we have also recorded one incident in Wel

Terror stalks Witbank Afrikaners

Christians múst fight terrorists

ANC lies: NARYSEC ís militia training

SA gets DNA database to fight crime

Whites’ 2013 murder toll by blacks reach 121 deaths

Afrikaners are slaves under ANC-regime

Cape traffic chief fired for wartalk against Boers

At least 60 whites murdered by blacks June-July 2013

510 attacks against whites Jan to June 30 2013

July 2013: month of tears and terror for whites

Airbrushing Afrikaner martyrs from history

Are S.A. dairy farmers going extinct?

Saldanha man lynched by black mob chanting ‘Mandela’

Deaths in SAP cells 1963 to 1990; compared to 2013

Did ‘thousands of black people’ really die in police custody during apartheid? Well no… not even ‘hundreds’….

Hatecrimes: Black aggressors vs White SA victims

Jul 4 2013 Pretoria. The Afrikaners who have been South Africa since 6 April 1652, are no more than 3,5million people. Proportionally they are a very small group who moreover are by law, barred from the South African labour market. Their economic influence is waning rapidly since 1994.

Afrikaner leaders Hofmeyr and Roodt warn of genocide

July 2 2013 – Two top Afrikaner cultural leaders with very large combined followings, namely Dr Dan Roodt of the Pro Afrikaans Action Group, and the hugely popular singer Steve Hofmeyr, — who draws many tens of thousands to each of his concerts countrywide — both issued urgent calls for the Afrika

Nelson Mandela’s bombs: Messina landmine

December 15 1985: Killed: Six Afrikaner civilians, including 3 small children (mortuary pictures)

The Messina landmine — planted by ANC-terrorists Mthetheleli Z Mncube 28 and Nzondeleli Nondula 25, on December 15 1985 – killed six Afrikaner civilians including 3 small children, and injured six oth

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