The Racism in the United States is Just Terrible! More Discrimination Against Asians Than Blacks. Thank You to Zionist Synagogue of Satan Media For Creating HATE. Your Modus Operandi is Divide and Rule. You Do a Great Job. But One Day Everyone Will Realize Who You Are and What You’re About and Then You Will Be Finished.

[A Gallup survey in 2005 found that] 31% of Asians surveyed reported incidents of discrimination, the largest percentage of any ethnic group. . . . [However, EEOC data] shows that only about 2% of all charges in the private sector and 3.26% in the federal sector are filed by AAPIs. There is more discrimination occurring in the workplace than is being reflected in our charge/complaint statistics.

The report notes that among all federal government agencies, the Broadcasting Board of Governors has the highest Asian American representation at 13.5% while the Tennessee Valley Authority has the lowest at 0.3%. Also significant is that across virtually all federal agencies, compared to their overall representation with a particular agency, Asian Americans are consistently underrepresented as mid-level supervisors and as executives.

Although the report does not provide many specific examples of discrimination against Asian American federal government employees, its summary of the barriers that they face are very similar to the ones I identified in my own article that I cited in the first paragraph: model minority perceptions leading to narrow and limiting assignments, language and accent discrimination, perceptions of foreignness, perceptions of social deficiency, and perceptions of lack of leadership.

Finally, the EEOC’s recommendations are:

  • Strong leadership and personal commitment to diversity comes from the top down. Hopefully Barack Obama will fulfill his promise to work toward ending this under representation of Asian Americans in the federal government. (Was That Ever a Joke!)
  • Strengthen commitment to diversity among agency leadership. This is not just to be politically correct — there is a solid business case to be made that for the U.S. to stay ahead and succeed in the international, globalized economy, its workforce needs to include a broad range of backgrounds, talent, and skills.
  • Ensure that supervisor/manager assessments of their Asian American employees are fair, objective, and free from the cultural biases that I listed above.
  • Ensure that the EEOC agency itself does its job properly in terms of being accessible to Asian American employees who have a complaint and in properly investigating such complaints. Hopefully this will also be easier to do under our new (Democratic) administration.
  • Collaborate with Asian American community organizations and leaders to encourage Asian Americans to work for the federal government and to increase their levels of representation within federal agencies.
  • Actively support Asian American employee groups. Rather than promoting “balkanization” as some critics have charged, these ethnically-focused support groups actually lead to greater worker loyalty, productivity, and satisfaction.
  • Finally, give Asian American federal employees who do have documented skill deficiencies the opportunities and resources to address them and to improve their skills and qualifications so that they can perform better and be promoted more easily.

As the saying goes, all these things are easier said than done. Nonetheless, I am very confident that Barack Obama’s administration will give closer attention to these kinds of issues within the federal government and that things are looking up for Asian American employees. In other words, there is a new sheriff in town and things are going to change around here.

Admin:  Yeah things did change-for the worst.  Note Harvard’s massive discrimination against asians under Obama Administration.

08/08/2018 / By Ethan Huff

In South Africa, the mass murder of white people has become official government policy… and Barack Obama applauds it

During a recent speech he gave at the 2018 Nelson Mandela Annual Lecture, Barack Obama praised current South African President 

Asian-Americans Are Indeed Getting Screwed by Harvard (But Not How They Think)

The Secret Quotas in College Admissions

Students enter the Admissions Building on the campus of Harvard University September 12, 2006 in Cambridge, Mass. (Photo: Glen Cooper/Getty Images)

A coalition of 64 Asian-American groups has filed a complaint against Harvard for discriminating against Asian-American applicants. They’re right to assume there is a quota system at work. But they’re wrong that it is targeting Asian-Americans. In fact, it is discriminating in favor of Blacks and Hispanics.

The complaint, filed with the U.S. Department of Education’s Office for Civil Rights, alleges that

for Asian-American students to gain admission, they have to have SAT scores 140 points higher than white students, 270 points higher than Hispanic students, and 450 points higher than African-American students.

Image: Harvard’s mass discrimination against Asians exposed in shocking investigation… RACIST BIGOTS run the school

(Natural News) White people aren’t the only victims of systemic racism on American college campuses, according to the findings of a new study published by the Center for Equal Opportunity (CEO).

At Harvard University, anyway, students of Asian descent are vastly underrepresented, CEO claims – and it’s all because of Harvard’s discriminatory race-based admissions policies.

Compared to the California Institute of Technology, where a whopping 43 percent of the student body is Asian, Harvard claims only 17 percent Asian students. According to CEO, this percentage should be much higher.

“Too many Asian Americans applying to elite schools are discriminated against on account of their race,” wrote CEO chairman and founder Linda Chavez in a recent press release.

“That is the message of our new study, and it is past time that schools quit the morally dubious means of using race or ethnicity as ‘a factor’ in selecting their student bodies.”

CEO says that prospective Asian students are being passed over at Harvard in favor of blacks, Hispanics, and even whites who aren’t as academically qualified. And it’s all due to discriminatory affirmative action policies, the group claims.

Similarly discriminatory admissions policies are also in place at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), CEO claims, which is why that school’s percentage of Asian students is also less than half.

“At both MIT and Harvard there seems to be a limit or ‘ceiling’ on how many Asian American applicants are to be admitted,” reads a list of some of the study’s key points published on the CEO website.

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“If there were no such ceiling, both MIT and Harvard would probably enroll a significantly larger number of Asian American applicants. As it is, some of those applicants may conclude they were rejected on account of their race.”

Trump administration’s DoJ to investigate, sue schools for discriminating against white students (Trump Reversed These Discriminatory Policies to Meritocracy…Thank you President Trump….Fair is Fair!)

The irony here is that this “discrimination” is only problematic at this particular juncture in time now that a non-white group of people – in this case Asians – is feeling some of the pain. If it were only white people being denied admission in favor of lesser-qualified minorities, CEO wouldn’t be making a peep about any of this.

In fact, the group is claiming that Asians are being unfairly denied admissions at MIT and Harvard in favor of whites – a claim that, for all intents and purposes, has absolutely no basis in reality.

Discrimination against white people in higher education has gotten so bad that the Department of Justice (DoJ) is currently in the process of suing a whole slew of American colleges and universities for affirmative action admissions policies that violate federal law.

An internal announcement by the DoJ’s civil rights division to employees explains that the federal agency is actively seeking out lawyers who might be interested in working on “investigations and possible litigation related to intentional race-based discrimination in college and university admissions.”

These investigations will presumably address the concerns of groups like CEO, except that they won’t be selectively limited to just Asians.

Roger Clegg, a former top official in the civil rights division during the Reagan administration and early Bush years, told the media that this is a “welcome” and “long overdue” development in addressing prolifically unfair policies that discriminate against whites and other non-protected racial groups.

“The civil rights laws were deliberately written to protect everyone from discrimination, and it is frequently the case that not only are whites discriminated against now, but frequently Asian-Americans are as well,” Clegg told The New York Times (NYT).

More news about the left’s corrosive race-baiting throughout American society is available at

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