Trump vs THE SWAMP

The Helsinki Summit and Future of Syria: Is Trump a Peacemaker?

by TUT editor


By Gearóid Ó Colmáin – Since taking office in 2016 President Trump has pulled out of the Paris Climate Accord and UNESCO; tightened border security; forced multinationals to relocate to the US; initiated peace talks in Korea; reduced unemployment among America’s native racial minorities and has begun to dismantle the North Atlantic Treaty Organisation. He has appointed high court judges hostile to LGBTQP and abortion. These are all important achievements, key victories against globalisation and its evil values. (…)

The conflict between a Deep State linked to the most ruthless agencies of finance capitalism and the resurgence of the nation-state under Trump is now clearer than ever. For the nation of Syria, there is a real prospect of peace. One of the most important aspects of the Helsinki Summit is that mentioning Israel’s security as being a key issue in bringing peace to Syria was tantamount to admitting that furthering Israeli strategic interests was the main reason for the war in Syria. The Assad victory in Syria has ruined Israel’s plans for hegemony in the region. Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu now says he will accept an Assad-ruled Syria. Israel’s war have failed. CONTINUE READING

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